Woden’s arrived!

Woden's shrine
Dodgy photo quality is a little dodgy, but I think it’s clear enough. Rearranged the runes, kept the horse, and shifted a few things around. Feels like a proper shrine now.

On a Wednesday, obviously. 😀 I now owe Mercurius an offering, since I did ask Him to make sure Woden arrived safely and swiftly. (Mercurius and Wednesday is a Thing, too, right? Or is that just my brain being weird and half-remembering things about the Latin day of the week names that isn’t quite right?) I’ll see if I can get Him some coins or something. …Wait. This is the point at which I just hand over my entire coin collection to Him, isn’t it? Yes, I think it is. (Thanks for the prompt, Mercurius.) And then figure out what else to offer Him, once He has all my coins. XD

I’ll make an offering to Woden this evening, after I do my 6th day festival libations at sunset, to welcome Him into my home and begin getting to know Him. Might just start by sharing a drink with Him, which He’s indicated He’s happy to accept, at least for now, and work up to something more formal once I have a better idea of what I’m doing and what He likes. He’s given me a place to start, so we’ll see where things go from there.

(ETA: Have added one more photo at the end after the cut.)

He wanted the chain wrapped around Him, with the crow-scent moon and the hammer. Saw it in my dreams, more than once.  There are some crows feathers at the back underneath the horse, which I did want to keep on there if possible. There’s not a lot of space there, and the libation bowl is rather big, so I made sure there was room to at least offer a cup of something. Don’t know if I’ll keep using that specific bowl, but it will do for now, until I decide I need another.

Though I still need to find a drinking vessel of some sort. An op shop trip is in order so I can pick up a mug or something that will do until I decide if I want to invest in a drinking horn, and maybe a bottle of something specifically for Him. IDK if I can justify a third bottle of rum, though. IDK. I’ll have to do a bit of research and negotiation, and see if I can find anything appropriate, since I haven’t tasted a mead I like (yet?), and I don’t drink wine  or beer. I’m really not a big drinker. Rum and Baileys is pretty much it.

…Also, is it weird that I want to add Kernunnos to that shrine? Because I want to add Kernunnos to that shrine with Woden and Thunor. Been getting that urge ever since Woden turned up and asked for a shrine. Kernunnos was always there. IDK why, as He’s not a Saxon god, but if Woden wants Him there, then I’d better make Him something so He’s represented there, and maybe figure out eventually why He’s there too. *shrugs* It’s probably an ancestral thing.

As an aside, I have finally acquired some of that Captain Morgan’s spiced rum I have heard other Kemetics talk about for years as being a good offering for certain gods. Found it when looking for suitable offerings for Set and Heru-wer last week. Never seen it in the bottlo before, and it was on sale, so I picked it up, since I got the sense that They wanted it. And, shit, that is good rum. Really good rum. My gods that is good rum. How has it not been in my life before now? It is so great. #ireallylikerum I think Thunor would like it, too. Might do a similar offering for Him tomorrow, to welcome Him into my home. I did buy that bottle of rum for god offerings, after all. 

…This is one of those moments where I look over my practice and marvel at how weird it all is. In a good way, obvs. Polytheism is great, u guise. <3

ETA: Outdoor shrine! I has one!

Outdoor shrine
Sits in the garden directly behind His shrine in my room.This is taken without flash, so the colours are quite muted, but the paint is red, and the green stone directly next to the big runic stone is quite properly green. The wood at the back I thought about standing up on its end, but it looks better like this.

And of course, now that Woden’s here, I could finally finish off this outdoor shrine for Him. He indicated this spot for a shrine the first time He turned up. Everything has been set up there for weeks, but it hasn’t been consecrated and had its first libations until now. I offered some rum and Coke to Woden, and the water I poured for Wesir and the akhu, since I did my sixth day festival offerings before I offered to Woden. I’m hoping to get some more long-lasting paint for the runes, rather than using the acrylic I had stashed away for easy use, since they’re going to be outside and inevitably getting wet. I might repaint it every so often until I do, though, just to keep it maintained.

At some point, I will build/buy/otherwise acquire a small wooden shelter to go over it all. But that’s not an urgent thing right now. This shrine, incidentally, is where I ‘felt’ Kernunnos ought to be more strongly than anywhere else, so I might have to look into acquiring or somehow fashioning Him some sort of thing for out here, and see what happens from there.

2 thoughts on “Woden’s arrived!

  1. Your shrine to Woden is really amazing! It doesn’t surprise me that an Anglo-Saxon deity wants to share space with a Celtic one. Ancestral ties between peoples and all that.

    1. Thank you! I’m really pleased with it as well. I’ve since added a small brass coin I believe I got from my granddad, which was a Tower of London commemorative coin with a raven on it. Seemed fitting, since ancestral, and raven, so now it sits at the base of His statue.

      And, yeah, I’m not surprised by Kernunnos being there. Makes sense enough if it’s an ancestral thing, since I have a lot of ancestral ties to the British isles.

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