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I’ve been mucking about with the site again, reorganising my hymns and prayers and such into a more organised subsection regarding my practices and rituals. Part of my desire to see more accessible beginner’s material, or at least, stuff you can get started with. That, and I want to share what I do myself, so some of that will go up there, mostly in a specific Graeco-Kemetic section to keep it separate from all the Kemetic stuff.  (Though I think that’s just as important; syncretic practices are many and varied, and maybe it’d help to have a few examples of how I do it for other potential Graeco-Kemetic syncretists to use?)

I’m not intending for my stuff to be The Ultimate Kemetic Practices Guide For Total N00bs(tm), either. It’s more like one way to do things that might help you get started, if that’s the kind of thing you need. Customisable for your own particular needs. With a dose of  ‘this is how I do it, maybe  you’ll get some inspiration?’ along the way. That’s the plan, anyway.

The only rite I have up at the moment is my general solitary Kemetic ritual, which I invite you to pick over and tell me how terrible and tl;dr it is. It’s a first draft kind of thing right now, mostly because I feel like I haven’t verified for myself that it’s as properly Kemetic as it could be, but that could just be the pedantic research student in me getting angsty about things I can’t really fix any time soon (like buy more books! Which I can’t do because I don’t have much money!). That, and I lost one of the sources I used to put it all together, and now I can’t find it. My Google-fu is weak. ;_;

I have actually done rites using that format. I originally used it to write a weekly ritual for Ra, and it works well for me as a ritual format. It flows well, and yes, it is a long rite, but that’s why it’s a weekly rite for Ra. It feels meaty enough to work once a week, but I also thought it might be good for a generic ‘I can’t think of anything to do halp!’ ritual format for festivals? /random thought. Because I’m sure we’ve all had that moment of ‘X festival is coming up, wtf do I even do for that? D:” when we’ve looked at the calendar, and maybe having a basic (long?) ritual format might help, or at least suffice if there are no records on what was done for that festival. (I like doing long festival rituals at any rate. /just me then?) So you’ve got a way to mark a festival, particularly if you don’t have any ancient practices to draw on for inspiration about how to mark it. I think part of bringing these old Gods back, and marking their festivals again, is making our own traditions for our own times. Yes, some can be based on the old traditions, but not all of that’s survived, so it’s hard to know what to do for some festivals. So we do the best we can. This ritual format isn’t the only way to do it, but it’s not a bad place to start if you have nothing else.

And before you ask, I’ve already started working on a short form for that ritual format, and that will be up when it’s done. I also want to put together a page about the major Kemetic festivals and how one might celebrate them today? Like, proper modern traditions a beginner could use to begin marking the major festivals. That’s what I want. Because I don’t think anything like that exists? Or if it does, I don’t know where to find it. D:

In other  news, Sobek and I have been arguing about what I am to Him for quite some time. This particularly intensified once Hekate’s year finished on the 16th of January, and I was given back to Sobek again.

I mean, we’ve got the Parent/child thing going on, but our relationship is built too much on negotiation and meandering such that ‘godslave’ is kinda meaningless (and not something I wanted to use anyway), so something else had to be found.

On the 17th, we settled on hem-netjer, with the translation ‘servant of the God’ (as opposed to all the other loosely related translations out there, like ‘prophet’, ‘priest’, or ‘person’ or whatnot). Yes, it took us a long time to settle on that. Because He’s got a stubborn ‘I ain’t being your High Priest’ kinda kid.

(Have I mentioned I want to do a write-up of how to do modern Kemetic household practices? Because I totally want to do that. / Important!)

There are also aspects of sacred kink coming in, because He’s my Daddy, after all, so that makes me His boi, apparently. (He tends to refer to me as androgynously male, whereas Aset/Isis refers to me as female.) But I don’t feel comfortable talking about this publicly yet, mostly because I need time to Sort My Shit Out about all this first, and Do Some Reading And Thinking, so yes. (I have spent six years trying to work out why my shemsu name was translated as ‘Sobek is my Daddy’ and not ‘Sobek is my Father’, apart from the fact my Father is an adorable dork. Apparently this is why. And when I feel brave enough to post more about this publicly, you’ll learn how this all happened.)

I’ve been reflecting on myth writing, too, and how it intersects with fanfiction. I will soon sort out my Thinky Thoughts on this, because I have genuinely weird feelings about fanfiction about Gods, and in particular porny fanfic about Gods, and I need time to sort out my weird emotions before I can write about it.

Also, it is now after 1am, and I might just leave this here and keep working on all these things tomorrow, or I will be up til 3am again. 😀 /night owl.

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  1. Thank you so much for making your general script available! I haven’t gone over it with a fine tooth comb, but I thought it was quite good. Seriously, it makes so many OMG!THINKY-THOUGHTS pop up. That’s awesome.

    It sounds like you have a lot of interesting things to share with the wider community. When you’re comfortable doing so, I hope you’ll blog about them.

    I’ve got a short form ritual I’ll be putting up soon as well. Maybe we can compare notes? Lol.

    1. Woo! Thanks! 😀 I think it’s a pretty good ritual format, long though it is. I might do another version specifically for festivals, because I had a thought that if you chucked out everything between the first bits (incence, light, Ma’at, etc) and the closing, you could fit in whatever you like there. *ponders*

      It’s more a matter of time, mostly. It’s gathering everything together and taking the time to post it. But I’ve got plenty of time right now, so I’d like to get at least the most common things I do up there, just so there’s something to go on.

      Haha, yes, we should. It’s a fine balance in trying to keep as many of the original long form structural elements as I can, while still keeping it short and easy to do. I’ll have to experiment with it a few times to make sure it’s good, time-wise. I’m aiming for about 20-25 minutes all-up.

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