Trans* Rite of Ancestor Elevation

Oh, this is a great idea. I was already planning to go to our local Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil, anyway. This sounds like a great way to build up to that, and honour our trans* ancestors. Not sure I have the space for a permanent altar, but I think I have a small box I could set up on my desk I could use for this. We’ll see. I’ve already redone my shrines once in the last day or so (midnight urges to rearrange shrines, you are annoying, if helpful). Once more won’t hurt, I’m sure.

ETA: Oh, yes, I just remembered another reason why I can’t have a floor altar. I can’t actually sit on the floor for any length of time because hypermobile joints. My knees are already aching at the thought of having to sit on the floor to do ritual.

I’ll just use my regular ancestor altar instead, even though it’s raised up on a shelf, because it’s permanent, and I can always raise a smaller altar on that shelf, rather than deal with floor sitting omg which I can’t do because dodgy joints. 😀 /has all the fun.

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