Trans* Rite – Day 6

Trans Rite Altar Day 6
Altar after five days of elevation. Today’s rite hasn’t been done yet.


I haven’t done today’s prayers yet, but I’ll do them later tonight when, hopefully, the epic. pain. from my uterus will cease enough for me to get through it without feeling like my guts are being stabbed. (The joys of menstruation. -_-) The rite itself has been, well, it’s been going. It’s certainly not ‘fun’ by any stretch of the imagination. It’s pour the water, read the prayers, raise the altar, pray for the dead, even if you’re tired, even if you don’t feel like it, like I did last night. I’ve had no real contact from the ancestors themselves, but I didn’t expect it, since I’m pretty headblind to them like I am with the gods. I can only assume the state of calm that comes over me when I do the rite is a good sign, and keep going. Do the work. Raise the ancestors. That’s the whole point of it. It’s never been about me, anyway.

I’m also postponing today’s rite because I realised last night that I’m going to have to rethink how I’m doing this so I can keep lifting the altar without potentially setting everything alight if I raise it too high. I think the simplest solution might be to just shift the central candle off the main altar and either to the centre or to the side, so I can keep lifting the altar with books without worrying about fire hazards, since the elevation is the most important part of the rite. I might put the snake representing Antinous there instead, so all the god images are together in the middle, and the candle can be off to the left side. Hmm. That might be the best option so I can keep things relatively safe, and still keep raising the altar. The joys of altars in confined spaces, kids! 😀

I also have this solidified idea for a Lamentations of Nit and Set for the Transgendered Dead that I am going to have to write at some point because otherwise I will be Nagged To Death by the gods about it, so. I might aim to have it ready for the last day of the rite, so I have some time to write and edit it and whatnot, so it’s not a rush job. Look for it on/after the 22nd, which will be the ninth day of the trans* rite for me.

Also, to come, long rambly post about gender and Sobek and Hekate and other rambly nonsense, unless, by the time I’ve written it, it feels more suited to my Dreamwidth journal, in which case, it’ll be over there (though probably access-locked, so if you have an account there and want to read it, lemme know). But if this rite, and the past two weeks have done anything, it’s given me many Thinky Thoughts about gender, and transitioning, and the gods (there is a connection here, I promise), and I am going to need to tl;dr it all over the internet at some point, whether it’s here or there, so. That’s a Thing.

2 thoughts on “Trans* Rite – Day 6

  1. I’m really interested in seeing your Trans* Lamentations! Tomorrow I will be doing a very basic prayer rite for our Trans Ancestors in front of Ptah-Sokar’s shrine, but I do want to do something more next year. I just don’t want to be too… Appropriative, I guess? As a cis mourner for the beloved dead

    1. Yeah, I’m keen to get them finished. It’s getting the right words that’s tricky atm. So they might not be done by the end of the ritual on Saturday, but I’d rather take the time to get them right, so. I’ll sit down later and do a bit more work on them, just to move them along a bit more. I almost wish I’d had this idea sooner, so I could have written them in time for either TDoR or for the start of the nine day ritual, but I’ll work with what I’ve got.

      I thought about doing extra rituals for TDoR today, but I think I might just put out extra offerings during the rite tonight. There is a local TDoR vigil I was planning to go to, but I’m still feeling yuck from yesterday, and I think I might keep vigil at my own shrine at the same time instead.

      I’m also being careful, too, because so many of the dead are trans* women of colour, and it makes me acutely aware of my own privileges as a white trans* person. My approach, so far, has been to try to do my rituals as selflessly as possible, and remember that’s it’s definitely not about me and what I get out of it. I’m also looking at ways I can better support those communities in the future without being a dick about it.

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