The Pagan Experience – Week 2 – Personal Practice

Wk 2- Jan. 12- Personal Practice- Share your favorite spiritual/magickal practices. What tools are incorporated into your daily practice? What feeds you and replenishes you?

My first answer is my daily rituals. Going to shrine first thing, when my head is still hazy with sleep, and saying the words I’ve said many times before, and feeling that call to awakeness, and tasting that first sip of water to break my fast, an offering to the gods. That moment of peace once I have offered light, water, the sound of bells, and incense, and just standing back in the silence. To feel that soft cool caress of the last vestiges of the night air on the breeze through my window as I stand before the shrine, and that liminal moment where the heat moves in and oppresses the chill. Feeling both Sobek’s farewell, and Heru’s return, in that soft, intermingling air. That moment of peace, knowing Set has triumphed, and Ra has survived another night.

And then, in the utter stillness of the late evening, when the house is silent, and the air is wonderfully cool on my skin, to be at shrine again, and calling to Sobek. Offering light, and water, and bells, and incense, into that silent peace. To offer precious water in the middle of summer, here in Australia, and understanding, much like the ancient Egyptians, just how precious it could be in a hot climate. Sobek’s coolness washes through the night, waves crashing over me, bringing peace and safety. I have watched the dancing candle flame reflected in the waters of the libation bowl, and felt the kiss of the gods upon my lips.

That daily cycle, breathing in and breathing out, the silence and stillness, is what replenishes me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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