The Pagan Experience – Week 1 – Resolutions

I’ve been looking for a way back into more regular blogging here, and I’ve seen The Pagan Experience turning up through my reading circle in a variety of places, and thought I’d give it a go. And since the first prompt is ‘resolutions’, what better place to start?┬áNot that I’ve ever been particularly good at resolutions, New Years or otherwise. Perhaps it’s my general lack of ambition. IDK. But what the hell. Let’s give this a try.

I guess the only real resolution I have in mind is what I want to be more conscious of setting aside time to write blog posts, and keep things updated, rather than just waste all my time and be forever catching up. When you don’t have a proper job, it’s easy to get caught in that trap of just randomly wasting the day on the interwebs, and I really don’t want to let that be my life. I’ve been keeping a daily planner, ostensibly for my rituals and festivals, to keep me on track, but also for other mundane things that crop up. It’s also a way to record my word count each day (if I write every day; still working on that one.) Maybe I need to pencil in some time each week for this, as a way to begin putting some sort of structure together. Start small, and work up from there, I think.

Either it’ll work, or it won’t, but I won’t gain anything from not trying. So we’ll sit down maybe tomorrow, and decide when the best time to do this is, and try to keep to it. If I can keep this blog regularly updated for at least three months, I’ll be happy with that as progress, and I can build it up from there. I’ll probably have a better idea of my schedule by then, once this volunteering thing (fkn Centrelink) gets sorted out (somehow). Anyway. Best get on with the next one, so I can be all caught up, for now. I’ll do another post about Heru later, once I have gathered my thoughts on that.

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