This site needs a new home

Honestly, I was going to come here and post a hymn to Sobek I’d written, only to find that this new unified navigation has turned up and now my wp-admin dashboard is unnavigable, confusing, and impossible to use. I’ve thought about moving the site before, when the block editor came and they deprecated the classic editor, because I find the block editor impossible to use and far too bright and hard on my eyes.

I’m conscious of wanting to make all my rituals and hymns and such accessible to everyone, and I’m probably not going to delete this site, just keep it as an archive, but I’m not sure where to move to that will make it easy to keep these resources available for everyone while also giving me a place to blog. I’m not sure what the solution is yet. I’m not averse to paying for something good that’s going to do the job for me, but I’d rather not at this stage, and the blogging landscape has changed so, so much since I last looked into this sort of thing. So this will stay for now, but there will be a new home somewhere because I can’t keep using a site that keeps making it harder and harder for me to use.

Prayers that I can find the right solution for this and find Per Sebek a new home. <3

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