The shrines have settled in

Wesir all wrapped and ready for the Mysteries.

So I wrote a while back about changing the shrines around, but I didn’t want to post about them until they’d settled in. Sometimes, new shrine arrangements need time for me to tweak them, to make sure they are right. Big changes, too, are ones I feel I need to sit with, in case I decide to change them back. So I have given myself a week or so to tweak and sit and practice and figure out what I need to do to make them right, and I think I’m done, for the moment. Shrines always change, they never stay the same, so this is no more permanent than my other shrines. It’s just a reflection of where I am in my path right now.

I’ve also just got around to wrapping my statue of Wesir. It’s a bit later than I normally do it, given there’s only a week to go. But I noticed the lack of His presence once it was done. I do miss Him during this time, but it’s never permanent.

One thing I did achieve today was to go back through the Daybook and pick out all the Mysteries of Wesir-related festivals, and begin compiling something for that. I wanted a more complete picture than the eight-day one I’ve been working with, and going by the dates, I’m actually a few weeks early with mine if I schedule it on May 1, so that’ll be something to think about, whether I keep the May 1 start date, or keep the Kemetic dates instead.

I wouldn’t mind moving it so much. It would give me a bit of breathing space to do a more Hekate-focused May 1 High Day rite without it crashing into the Mysteries. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I would appreciate that, since I wouldn’t need to try to do too many things at once. So that’s definitely on the cards, but nothing’s been decided yet.

You will see in the Shedety shrine video below that Heru is now shrouded. I’ve been getting nudges about open statues again, and I am still reluctant to do so, because hey, it gets to live in my room, and you don’t want me as a roommate. But I think I like this shroudy-thing. It’s small enough to feel like it’s not taking over the whole shrine, while still doing the job of concealing the god. Since Sobek-Heru seems keen for me to use that birb as my main icon, so. Still, I said to Sobek this afternoon that if they were so gods-damned keen for me to open a statue, they’d better find me a bloody cabinet. So we’ll see if the gods want it that badly.

The other shrine video I wanted to show was the shrine for the Constellation goddesses, which is a shrine for Isis/Aset, Mary, Quanyin, Hekate, Renenutet, Tara (I have nothing to represent Her yet), and Aphrodite (I need a better statue than that Venus, because Aphrodite does not look like that to me). Ganesha also has a small corner, because I have no other room left for Him elsewhere, and I want Him in that corner. My little crone figure of Gaia is also there, because there was a place there that She fit in perfectly.

I still don’t really know what to call this, other than the Constellation shrine, or perhaps just a goddess shrine. IDK. But that’s what’s going on with that part of my path right now. I’m doing Quanyin practice, and work with Hekate, and I’ve had a couple of good experiences with Tara and Mary lately. I find it interesting that these goddesses are not as vocal as I’m used to. Or, I’m still having to learn how to speak with them, so. But we have a shrine now, and we’ll see where all this leads to.


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