The Pagan Experience – Week 7 – Hermes

Deity and the Divine- This will be the third week’s topic every month and an opportunity for you to share with everyone those who guide, inspire and inform you.

I thought about using these monthly god posts to talk about all the gods I work with, but tbh, I think it’s more interesting to talk about which gods have been most present or on my mind during the month, so that’s what I’m going to do. I think that offers a better insight into my practice and what I do than just rambling on about all my gods.

So. This month, it can only be one god: Hermes.

His presence has been more subtle than anything, but I am a) writing a story in which He is one of the major characters, and b) I have made him three (THREE!) sets of prayer beads in the space of a week or so. THREE! So. (It seems He is fond of turquoise, carnelian, sodalite, and citrine. But IDEK, that might just have been His preference based on the beads I had.)

Anyway, the story I’m writing for Him (because it’s obviously for Him, as much as I might try to pretend otherwise) is sort of apocafic, in the sense that Apollon destroys a city, but it’s actually more about one life ending and another beginning for the mortals that Hermes decides to save. It’s a bit more complicated than that, and I am still in the middle of editing the first draft (which needs a lot of work 😀 *hides*), but yes. Hermes.

He’s certainly one of the more unexpected deity relationships I’ve developed. I came to Him through my work with Hekate, but there’s no real overlap there that I’ve noticed. Hermes is one of the few Greek gods I generally perceive as being the same as Their Roman counterpart; it seems I can use either Hermes or Mercurius, or even Hermes-Mercurius, and I get the same god. Whether this would be the case for anyone else, I wouldn’t say. But that’s certainly how I experience Him.

And, yes, He does now own my entire coin collection, which I had been collecting since I was a kid. So there you go. I was given a suggestion (by Artemis, I think?) that I could use them for sigil magic, by drawing a sigil for what I wanted on the coin, and then throwing it in running water, or burying it in the ground. It’s probably not the most ground-breaking suggestion, but it’s the sort of magical suggestion that works for me.

He is still a god I’m getting to know, though, but being badgered into writing stories by the gods is nothing new to me, so I’m keen to get to know Hermes through this story, and work with Him some more, because He might be a devious fuck, but then so is Djehuty, and I am fine with that. Indeed, I did a little art on a small canvass I was playing around with that I could only describe as being for Thoth-Hermes (or whatever that syncretic god’s name is idek). Sort of an ankh-caduceus. But that’s cool. I might end up one day having a Djehuty-Wepwawet-Ganesha-Hermes shrine, where They can all hang out together and drink. Cos, y’know, those guys…

Anyway. I think I’m digressing, and I wanted to get this posted so I can go do my noumenia ritual while it isn’t after midnight and I don’t have to be up early. At least I have now printed out the draft of that particularly story, and I can begin the paper edit. By Hermes, it will come together, one way or another. D:

3 thoughts on “The Pagan Experience – Week 7 – Hermes

    1. Yeah, it’ll be up at some point. It was written as part of a fannish challenge (although I’m writing original fiction), and it might be up late March? IDK yet. We haven’t got to the part of picking posting dates yet. But I will post about it on here when it’s done, so you can all read it. 🙂

  1. Ooh, I love the idea of using coins with sigils for a water charm. I’ve had a small collection of coins for Wepwawet growing on my altar, and it’s nice to think they may have a use!

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