The New Year Beckons

Wep Ronpet Preparations - Children of Nut and Geb
Preparations for Wep Ronpet. I made some new linens for the new year for Nut and Geb’s children, all hand-sewn. The (not always well-defined) ankh in the centre holds the material together, while the edging finishes it off. Nebthet has purple thread, Set has red, Heru-wer has brown, Wesir has black, and Aset has blue.

Yas, it is time to prepare for Wep Ronpet, which, for me, starts on the 27th with the first of the Days Upon The Year. Because, for some reason, I can prepare ahead of time for Kemetic festivals, I started on some new linens for the god statues, made of some white fabric I’ve had lying around in my altar cloth box for years. I am not big on sewing, but I do find it a good method of stitching magical things together, so I do it for that reason. They’re sort of shaped like the sa amulets? Each is tailored for each statue, and they are sewn together, at the centre, with a long-stitched (not always very good) ankh shape. The edges are sewed with the same thread colour to finish it off. I think they turned out alright for someone who is not a sewer.

I also wanted to do a bit of the Feast of the Dressing stuff done early, because that day, the 26th, is not only Australia Day, but I also have a family party to go to, and who knows when that will end? So it just seems easier to slowly work through those preparations now when I have the time, rather than wait and try to fit it all in during a single day.

Also, I have redone the main shrine as well. I still have some more work to do on it, like properly cleaning and dusting all the things, but I found a nice green altar cloth at, with a shiny Eye of Heru on it, and decided it would be mine. It would look better on the shrine, and also allow me to sort of screen the stuff under the shrine in a way that doesn’t look like I just stapled some dodgy fabric underneath the top of the table.

Sobek and Heru shrine - redone for Wep Ronpet
Redone main shrine for Sobek and Heru. See the shiny new shrine cloth, and Their snazzy new linens (which are actually made from cotton fabric). I still need to pick up another canvas to do something for Sobek to balance the art I did for Heru at Solstice.

I shifted the four taper candles to the top shrine, because it’s just to fucking hot to light them all now, and this gives me a bit more room. I wanted that Eye in the centre of the shrine, sort of like a pentacle, and I think it finished it off nicely. Since you can’t really see it in the picture, Sobek’s cloth has a blue wavey pattern on it, while Heru’s looks like gold clouds. I also thought the combo of Sobek-Green, and Heru’s Eye was a nice combo in a shrine cloth. It also smells like incense. I’m lucky that my shrine table is narrow enough to make this sort of thing work well. And, yeah, I wanted to see a bit of the wood and the glyphs on the side.

Alsoalso, you can’t see it at all, but on the right side, next to Heru’s smaller not!Khonsu statue, is a small bee charm on top of an Eolh rune (for the (elk-) sedge), as a representation of the Sedge and the Bee, and by extension, a representation of Heru’s kingship. I do actually want a more Egyptian sedge representation, but for now, Eolh will do.

I also ordered some red oak futhorc runes as well, for Woden, because I can’t just go out and find an oak tree in my backyard here in Australia. And they’re very pretty. They’re sitting in a shiny green bag near His shrine. Because, well, if 13moons are going to sell wooden Anglo-Saxon rune sets, I am definitely going to buy one. For Woden! 😀

Also, I would like to point out that all of this arrived on a day when it hit 44.4C (111.92F). Thanks, Heru, I think? D: D: D: *melts* BUT IT’S OKAY. (Westerly) SEA BREEZE IS IN. IT MIGHT BECOME BEARABLE OUTSIDE IN TEN HOURS MAYBE. *melts some more*

Lararium & Assorted Shrines
Lararium and household gods shrine.

Finally, I have a lararium set up at last. I actually had this set up a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t think I got around to posting about it? Anyway. This actually helped to clear some of the things from the top shelf, so I could move all the books on the akhu shelf to the top shelf, and thus, make them more accessible, and give myself more room on the akhu shrine. Which I will photo later so I can do it in better detail.

It’s pretty straightforward, I think? Top is for lararium, and has Hestia’s lamp, as well as a small cat and jackal for Bast and Yinepu. There is also some salt, and a small turtle. There are representations for all the household gods in the lararium. Middle shelf has become a little shrine for Antinous, since the trans* ancestor rite, I wanted some small space for Him. Bottom is, left to right, Hermes, Hekate, and Hestia.

I’m still considering what I want to do regularly on this blog this year. I don’t want to keep this blog neglected, so I’ll have a think this month, and see if I can figure out a maybe weekly thing to do, even if it’s just a random post, just to keep this thing moving. It may start as just a weekly update, but we’ll see how the year pans out.

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