The new Shedety Shrine

Shedety Shrine March 2016
The new shrine, photographed after this morning’s devotions.

So I think I’m just about settled on this particular layout for the time being, so I thought I’d give you all a proper look at it. The first obvious thing is that the naos is gone. It just wasn’t going to work on a shrine for four gods, so it’s been put away for now. It’s a bit sad, not having the naos, but I like this setup, too. The shrine feels focused now, and I’ve cleared out some of the excess stuff that was making it feel like there was too much going on.

The shrine gets used as an altar table for the druidic shrine above, so there has to be enough space to work as well as be a shrine, and it’s a constant give and take on how much space is available for each. This made it tricky to settle on a layout that worked, because it had to work for my own daily devotions. Everything had to be in the right place so it’s easy to reach, and I don’t burn myself, and there’s room for the ritual book, and everything else.

Of course, my daily devotions rituals have changed, since I added Isis. She starts both the morning and evening devotions. I played around with wording for a while, but what I’ve settled on is lighting the candles and incense first, like normal, then offering Her incense while I say Her prayer of awakening/sleeping, then moving on to the rest of the devotional. I offer Her lotus Morning Star incense. I used to offer Her lotus back when i was first starting out, and while I think this one is sweeter than the one I used to use, I still really love it.

Also, you will see my incense pots have multiplied. It seemed easier, layout-wise, than using one, so I now have three. The pot I use for Isis’ incense usually sits over on the wooden pentacle to the right where the small winged Isis statue sits during the ritual itself, then I move it to the centre once the rite is over. This seems to work well, so far.

I’ve said before that the two black and gold statues there of Sobek and Heru always felt like guardians, and that’s partly why they are elevated, and surrounding Wesir. Isis fits well there, too, with Her shield ready to defend Wesir from harm. I like the active/passive dynamic there, and the levels, and how the positioning of Sobek, Wesir, and Heru together like that feels different, and interesting. Sobek Shedety was seen as Heru-sa-Aset, so this makes it feel, well. Like Wesir has two sons? IDK. Or Heru has a consort idk. I have been playing around with the idea of Heru taking Sobek as consort when He’s crowned, for the Contendings rewrite. I’m still figuring out how to write that next part of the myth, but I think the Sobek-Heru pairing is definitely going to be in there somewhere, if only as a reflection on how I see Them and Their relationship.

Sobek, Heru, and (Isis-)Renenutet were a triad in Shedet, and I guess Sobek-Renenutet works to a certain extent if it’s just Renenutet. But as soon as Isis gets involved, it totally changes. I feel like I can’t just pair Isis and Sobek, because it doesn’t feel right, and with the Shedet Sobek so involved in the Wesir mythos, it feels more appropriate to see it more like Isis, with Heru and Sobek as Her kids, the ones left behind after Wesir leaves. Sobek being the strength They both need to go back and claim what’s Theirs.

Sobek, in His own way, has access to the underworld, and can be a liminal guide and psychopomp for the others. Sobek can protect Wesir in places They can’t. It reflects the Sobek/Wesir earth to the Heru/Isis sky dynamic I get from Them. Perhaps this isn’t true for everyone, but that’s what I experience.

Wesir hasn’t asked for daily devotions, but He has asked for weekly visits. He’s got stuff to teach me. So I went to visit Wesir last night as well, like I promised I would. His place in the wide and varied Bakhu landscape is a valley of wheat fields, with some mountains in the south, where the sun sets (because of course it does). Wesir had a small cavern, sealed by a magic door, where I met with Him. I can’t quite remember half of what we talked about, though I did remember some of it enough to record. I’ll have to work on remembering His words better.

Anyway. It’s nearly dinner time, so I’ll leave you with one final full view of the shrine, and leave my musings for later.

Shedety Shrine March 2016 overview

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