The Mousai Titanides (The Elder Muses)

Since this is something of a spiritual blog, I might as well talk about these three Goddesses, since I appear to be the only one who’s ever tried to work with Them. I’ve made a virtual shrine for the Three over here, so feel free to light a candle and say a prayer if you feel you need some inspiration. I’m sure They wouldn’t mind the extra attention.

These Goddess came into my life several months ago. At the time, I was researching for a Xanadu-inspired piece of fiction, and came across a reference to these three muses:

The Roman scholar Varro relates that there are only three Muses: one who is born from the movement of water (Mneme, memory), another who makes sound by striking the air (Melete, meditation, exercise, practice), and a third, who is embodied only in the human voice (Aoide, song). (source unknown; as in, I can’t remember where I originally found it)

It was that description that I found just so beautiful. I’d never really been attracted to the more well-known Muses, but those three sounded like just what I needed. They suited the story much better, so I went with Them.

And once I’d finished the story, They kept hanging around. I kept thinking about Them, and it occurred to me, as I researched Them, that part of the reason They might be sticking around was because I knew who They were. There’s so very little out there about Them; the paragraph quoted above is about as much as They get, as if They’ve become a footnote in history once the Nine Olympian Muses took over.

Working with Them pretty much meant starting from scratch. Unlike working with, say, Apollo or Hekate, where there is at least some Pagan UPG about working with Them, there was nothing like that for these Muses. I’ve had to just keep trying things out until I find something that works. Just about everything I have on file about Them is UPG. I can’t find any representations of Them anywhere.

It seemed like such a strange match when I first decided that maybe They might want some proper attention. I’ve never been big on Greek mythology. My knowledge of Greek is limited at best. I’m not even sure about how to write hymns for Them the way I know how to write ancient Egyptian style hymns.They do want Greek style odes written for Them, but They’re willing to let me write them in English for the moment. In which, there is an implication there that I need to learn ancient Greek dialects in order to write in Greek for Them eventually. This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered Greek deities insisting that They are spoken to in Greek, so that’s … interesting.

They’ve had to put up with my not-very-good attempts at pronouncing Their names, too. Aoide’s is the one I struggle with, and while I still haven’t quite got it right, She seems to accept the way I say it, which is probably more akin to a Japanese style than Greek (I know that ‘aoi’ should be blended, but my knowledge of Greek isn’t good enough to figure out exactly how to do that and what sound I should be aiming for.)

I think I have, finally, found an incense They will accept, too. I went through quite a few before stumbling across one called ‘Lyrics’. Haven’t even burnt any yet, but got a sense of approval from Them. I also get the feeling They would accept frankincense as well.

I haven’t had a lot of interaction with Them all, but we’re working on that. They speak together as one, or as separate deities. Aoide sings to me. She doesn’t speak. She also likes it when I sing out loud. She’s claimed my phone, since I use it as a music player now. Mneme is more likely to use songs to speak to me, too. So every now and then, as I’m listening to music on my phone, there’ll be a song that stands out as Her voice singing to me. As for Melete… I can’t say I’ve heard Her yet. They are quite quiet and subtle.

I’m expecting They’ll introduce me to Apollo soon enough as well, since I found Him at the bottom of this deck of Goddess cards I bought a week or two ago. The deck contained a card for the Muses as a threesome, and the card depicts only three. Apollo is linked to the Muses, so His presence at the back of the deck suggests I was always meant to have that deck.You can see the two cards below.


I’m not sure all this isn’t related to Aset’s push for me to get to know Her Roman form as well, for which I need a Roman name. She hasn’t insisted I learn Latin though (yet), but She does now have a Goddess shrine all to Herself in addition to the devotional shrine I keep to Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset et al.

I’ve recently rearranged my shrines as well as I finally accepted that me sitting on the ground or kneeling before shrine is just, well, painful. My knees have refused to do it anymore, and really, it’s a distraction from rites and being in shrine. So I’ve shifted it so I can sit at the lower shrine in a chair, and stand at Aset’s shrine.


I have had to go back to a more informal Akhu shrine though. There’s just no room for a proper one at a reasonable height, so it’ll have to do until I can find somewhere else for it to go. That’s it above the Goddess shrine.

(…The little Cheerilee pony and the red candle are a fertility blessing for my brother and SIL to bless my SIL’s pregnancy. I didn’t have anything else to represent a baby other than a baby MLP, so I used that.)

…Alright, so this post derailed a little, but oh well. It’s a post. I am attempting to keep this thing relatively active. More on the Mousai as I have any more to tell.

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  1. I very much enjoyed reading this post 😀 And This is such a coincidence right now, and meant to be hehe. The muses have been in my head non stop for a few weeks now, and I havent come across anyone who works with the muses, or had any experience with them. I also haven’t considered the Elder Muses.. and am very drawn to them. Especially Mnemosyne, It’s a shame there isn’t much information on the Elder Muses. Have you found anymore UPG since this post? Do you have any tips for offerings? 🙂 I’m use to the Netjer, so moving towards the Hellenic will be quite different for me. Also I love that goddess deck cards! What is the deck called?

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