The first Deipnon

Deipnon March 2016
Shrine set up for Hekate’s deipnon. Sans offerings and such as this was taken after I’d disposed of everything because I forgot to photograph it before then. Black bowl on the left was for libations, the orange/gold bowl was for the deipnon itself.

So I finally got over that mental thing in my head that was all, ‘how can you do deipnon without a crossroad wtf’, and have again tried to follow the advice of both Isis and Hekate, and that is to just turn up at shrine and do ritual and be there with them, and stop worrying about the details. So that is what I did.

I decided to dispose of my deipnon into the compost bin outside, because recycling bad stuff into compost to feed the garden seems appropriate for deipnon. So I did that instead of leaving it at a crossroad. Which solves my ‘I don’t want to leave food out in a public place’ issues that had stopped me doing deipnon before.

But I had a good chat with Hekate, and the ritual went well. I farewelled them by turning my back to the shrine, and processing to the back door to let them go. Not quite a ‘leave it at the crossroads and don’t turn back’ thing, but I wanted to do something to mark that, which I also did outside after I left my offerings to rot. So I’m happy with that.

Tomorrow is noumenia, and at some point, I will decide which noumenia ritual I am going to do. I have one that is based on the Covenant of Hekate one, and another that’s ADF style, and has more of a traditional feel to it. So we’ll see.

Anyway, this is just a short post, since it is nearly 1am, and I ought to get to bed. But I wanted to record this somewhere, just so it’s there. Cos I’ve always struggled with deipnon, and finally, I found a way to make it work.

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