So. I’ve had this Isis-Renenutet-Mary-Hekate thing going on for a while, which Quanyin joined a while back since I started doing regular practice with Her again. And I’ve never quite known what to call this, except for a constellation. It came first as a ‘Queen of Heaven, Star of the Sea’ sort of energy, and stars and stellar energy have always been a part of this … whatever it is. I’m a polytheist, and that’s how I’ve experienced these gods as separate beings, so it never felt like I was just seeing different faces of one being. There may have been some core energy at the heart of it, but it felt like a collection of goddesses with a similar energy to them, just sort of, well. Being a constellation. Not one being, but several, joined together with a similar thread.

Yeah. I thought that until yesterday. I woke up feeling like Quanyin wanted something deeper from me, more than just practice, but to go deeper and study Buddhism properly. And during the Tara devotions with Yeshe last night (well, it’s last night for me), I saw Tara while I was chanting Her mantra. She took my hands, and we were dancing together on a hill under a dark starry sky. She pointed out stars to me. She seemed very happy. And then, at the end of the chanting, She sat in front of me, and touched my third eye with Her left hand, as if She placing a dot or a bindi or something there. I’m still seeing that today, seeing Her face and Her smile, and the dancing under the stars. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen something while chanting mantras.

And I’ve woken up today pondering whether this constellation is all manifestations of Tara. Or at least, that She’s that core stellar energy at the heart of it. I’ve never done much research into Tara, I have to admit, so I’m starting from scratch with Her. But it makes a weird amount of sense, so. I’m actually tempted to set up a proper Goddess altar now, and see where that work takes me. Things are changing a lot right now, and I have no idea where this is going to go, or where I’ll end up. But for now, Tara. And writing. And all the gods in the world, or something.

2 thoughts on “Tara

  1. I was not familiar with Tara, had to look her up when reading this. And oh man, such a flood of familiarity. Like you I don’t see different gods as simply aspects of the same energy, BUT stil sometimesl… related? (It’s hard to describe, I think you did it better than most there!) And that familiarity…. Aaah. I am deeply devoted to Nótt. Night, She who is the starry sky, and reading of Tara they strike me as related. So thank you so much for opening my eyes to it!

    1. Yes, this is why I used the term ‘constellation’, it seems to resonate with that ‘joined, but separate’ vibe that I experience. I’ve had a few experiences with Nut, and with Nyx, so I also get the ‘starry sky’ thing, too, though I think that’s related but separate to this for me. But I’m glad I could open your eyes to Tara. I don’t know where your journey will take you, but I hope it’s a good one with many blessings. <3

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