State of the Shrines, March 2017

It’s not quite a 3mx3m square room, so you can see how little space I have to work in. But I do make it work hard, so. That’s something, I guess.

So, it’s the Equinox, and this feels like the right time to post about this, given where I am with my #domagick work. I haven’t done any formal rituals for the Equinox just yet, but I’m saving that for Thursday, I think, when I have more brain to sort them out. I also have some videos I need to upload to youtubes, but they are too big, and my internet too slow, to get that done tonight, so. That is another job for Thursday.

If you haven’t been keeping up with my #domagick posts, you can read all about my fire magic experiments over at the Grimoire. I’ve been doing some self-transformation work, and a helluva lot of decluttering, and a lot of that work is starting to come to a close as we enter the week before the Deipnon. I plan to post more about that over here when it’s done, sort of like a summary post, but for now, go read the Grimoire for your day-by-day #domagick posts.

So, since I didn’t get around to this at Wep Ronpet, here’s a belated Equinatorial State of the Shrines for another year.

Shedety Shrine

It’s … grown. I have toyed around with different layouts and where the witchy shrine should be and who gets to be on here, but it’s come to the point where the whole thing is now something I’m willing to refer to collectively as the Shedety shrine. Which is nice. It feels like it’s finally found a cohesive whole, and the energy from both is much more closely aligned now. It feels like they’re both working to support the other, if that makes sense. It doesn’t feel like two separate shrines with two different purposes. So that’s nice.

The table is what you might call a working altar, in the sense that it’s where the hands-on practical shit gets done. It is sort of a shrine, too, since I do perform devotions there, but to be honest, it is more of an altar than a shrine.

You will note the Hallows are back, the Fire, Well, and Tree now stand at the centre of the altar, overlooked by Hekate. That’s … sort of deliberate, in the sense that it relates very deeply to a place where I meet Hekate in Bakhu, but it’s also not quite that, too. And yet, Sobek and Heru guard it, because that just seems to make sense. This is a much more earthy shrine, not quite chthonic, but certainly not the majesty that the shrine above it has. This is for work, and offerings, and magic, and dirt.

There’s actually not a lot on here. I’ve stripped it right back to the bare minimum, not just to save space, but also because why keep things on here I don’t actually use? And to be honest, I like it this way. I like the space, and the openness, and how well it seems to breathe. The gold book on the right near Aset and Mars is the Shedety daybook proper, which has nothing except headings, and all the dates written in, while I work to complete the calendar as a whole. But more on that later.

This is the new arrangement of the shrine above, and the statues I’ve chosen to use here. In many ways, it’s still a work in progress, but I like it so far. You will note Wesir and Ra have turned up, to complete the House of Ra, House of Heru, House of Wesir thingo I was pondering about earlier in the year. I’m still trying to sort out a rite for that, but I like it as a structure, and I’m keen to see how I work with it.

The little falcon on the far left represents the falcon Nebethet gave me on Her birthday, and the mirror/plate beside it also belongs to her. I am still searching for a better falcon statue to use, so I don’t have a Herubirb where I need something else, but it will do for now. The round wooden box thing contains my pendulum, and my divination dice.

This is Ganesha’s corner, and my black mirror sits beside Him. The silver bowl is my change bowl, and there’s a little offering dish, and a mantra, in front of Him. I haven’t worked with Ganesha for a long time now, but a while back, I got the feeling like He needed to be back on my shrine, and so my ickle white Ganesha found a little spot here. I’ve been experimenting with a more formal rite for Him, since He’s been helping me with the burning magick I’ve been doing. And yes, the bucket of Maltesers is His. I have nfi how I’ll get through them all, but there you go. Never let a god with a sweet tooth go offering shopping with you.

The Goddess Shrine

I honestly have nfi what else to call this other than ‘the goddess shrine’, so that will have to do. This is mostly for the Isis-Renenutet-Mary-Hekate-Quanyin thingo that I’ve been dealing with on a regular basis for a while now, which I can’t really explain in any useful way. It’s not a The Goddess thing, because it’s just these ladies. The closest word I can find is constellation, but even that feels imprecise. Either way, I have the shrine above for all the statues, as well as for statues of Gaia, Artemis, and Hestia, and below that, the box shrine is where Isis and Quanyin sit. I do my Quanyin devotions before that shrine.

Hearth Shrine

Honestly, this hasn’t really changed much except I’ve tidied it up, and given it completely over to the Greeks. Though there is a small besom/broom made from dried rosemary twigs and black feathers, so. Also, I need to change out the shelf Hermes, Apollon, and Zeus are sitting on for one that’s less Anglo-Saxon, and more Greek. But apart from that, this is not much changed from how it used to be, except for the lack of Saxons.

…I did show you guys this before, didn’t I? Um. If I didn’t, well, surprise! The Greeks have invaded! Woo! I basically wanted a proper hearth area for them where I could still do prayers and offerings if I needed to, and this felt like the best place to do that, since my art supplies took over my windowsill again. :D?

Masrai’s Shrine

I’ve simplified this one a lot, too, and thrown Her book of myths at the back. But I like it. It feels a lot better now that it’s not as cluttered and there’s room for offerings and whatnot. I do still have a use for this shrine. I’m still working on finishing Masrai’s book of myths, and She’s adamant that there will be ritual involved. She wanted spells to sit between the different myths that together would give you a basic ritual structure. So that’s taking up a lot of time in terms of finding the right way to do that, and what to include, as well as finishing off the myths I still have to do.

Ancestor Shrine – Bowie, and our queer ancestors

Apparently this is the only ancestor shrine I can bring myself to tend to regularly. It’s for Bowie and the queer ancestors, and Nit and Set and Aset and Yinepu and Hermes guard it. I don’t really do anything formal here, just keep the water offerings topped up, but this is the longest I’ve tended to an ancestor shrine in probably a long time, so.

I’ve never been very good at ancestor work, just because I don’t really connect well with my blood ancestors to any great extent. But this feels like something I needed to do. It’s not much, but it’s something. I couldn’t not do something for Bowie when he passed over, and so this shrine was built, and now it’s for him, and for the blessed queer dead. May they all rest in peace in the arms of the gods and those who love them. <3


Okay, so the thing covered by the yellow pentacle cloth is my prosperity box, in which I am saving all my $5 notes. I did some money magic last month, and so far, it seems to be working. So I’m happy with that.

The pentacle box at the bottom, on the other hand, contains my ritual things for Quanyin practice, including incense and my malas. The Quan Yin oracle I use sits on the windowsill, you can just see it squished between my wallet and my diary. The bigger box next to it has bits and pieces in it, like my watch, a comb, my mp3 player, some bits of jewellery, etc. All the stuff I use on a daily basis and need close to hand.

The Shedety Daybook

I have filmed a flipthrough of this as it is, but in lieu of no time and shit internet, you’ll have to make do with photos. Sobek insisted it should be gold, and it was made from the remnants of an old A4 sketchbook I had once used as a devotional prayer book. I had enough for this project, and even then, managed to forget to bind one of the signatures in, so it’s 16 pages short, but it’ll work well enough. I actually hadn’t intended to do a perfect binding on top of the coptic stitch, but I messed up the stitching in one place, and I thought, fuck it, why the hell not. So I glued some paper over the spine, and then glued the signatures in as end papers. The ribbons are there on the spine to sort of reinforce the bond, and because it looks pretty. It also gives me something to tie a bookmark onto.

I’m still putting the calendar together, so there’s nothing more than set-up in here at the moment. I have space for what I need, as well as room for each day and their festivals. I’m up to Wesir and Aset, and I’ve done two months so far. I’ve also done the Time Lords. I’m being selective about which gods I include, so it’s not just a carbon copy of the original daybook. But I’ll write more on that once I’m closer to done. For now, have a mostly-empty book to finish this entry for now.


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