State of the Shrines 2019

Okay, so before I start, I do want to say that this is the first time I’ve taken down shrines for this for privacy/oathbound reasons. I took down my Sau shrines, and I’ve removed some things from Hermes’ shrine bc they are sekrit and I don’t want to share them. So the bedroom overviews you’ll see are not quite how they are irl bc some shrines are gone, but that’s the basic plan of it. I feel like I’ve really focused down on only having shrines up that I’m actually using, so it’s a lot less now than what I used to have, but I’m happy with it. My focus this year is really just about magical practice and Quan Yin practice, so it does make it easier to maintain my shrines that way when I don’t need so many of them.

Wep Ronpet this year though was a bit of a wipe out. I had menstruation to deal with, which meant my statue washing and preparations were thrown off schedule, and I had a migraine that also delayed me doing anything in terms of ritual, so nothing really happened. But I did get my statues washed, which was good. I usually do all of them if I have time, but this time, I just did my Sobek shrine statues, and gave them all a good wash, as well as cleaning all the shrines.

But that’s life, really, so. I’ll give you the bedroom overview pics first, then we’ll dive into the shrine tours. <3

It’s been nearly a year since I finished redoing all of this, and a lot’s changed and evolved since then, but this is what it’s currently like, minus the sekrit shrines. There aren’t as many shrines as there used to be, and I don’t have a formal dedicated ancestor space except for a little few bits on Hekate’s shrine, and what’s on the top shelf above all the books, bc that’s the western wall, and where the ancestors are, so I kind of didn’t feel like I could move them from there. It would feel weird if I moved them. So that’s where they’re staying. I won’t touch on the fannish things, though, that’s not for this place. But they’re there, and they finish the energy off and I think it just all feels and works really well now. It finally feels like it’s all settled down and it’s done. Which is nice.

So this is the current state of Sobek’s shrine. I’m not going to be doing daily practice with Him this year, but weekly practice bc Sekrit Reasons. But that’s okay. I’ve still got everything I need for daily practice if I ever want to go back to it, and I’ve written a couple of non-formal/non-Temple daily rites to use bc I wanted something for this year that wasn’t Temple-based, but simple enough for just the doing of it when I needed to and didn’t necessarily need to be formal in a way I just don’t feel I need right now. Sri Ganesha’s still there on the left looking after my money, and there’s a growing collection of pop culture things on top of the shrine for Sobek and Heru. Well. Okay, it’s only Ho-oh that’s Heru, the rest are Sobek, but you get the idea. XD

So underneath the shelf there, the first chest/box has my daily jewellery in it. The next box has some wrist bands in it and a few other bits and pieces. The little iron pot and my matches sit on top of that. Then there’s the offering table, upon which I have my ritual book, my copy of Lord of the Carnelian Temple, and my copy of the Ancient Egyptian Daybook Planner. <3 Then there’s my ankh, two bowls for daily ritual (candle and water) and a candle. And the last box has a bunch of ritual supplies in it, like tea lights and other little bits and pieces.

I decided to set the two bowls with the big LED candles in them on the shelf this time. I thought it worked better for what I was trying to do here, and it’s nice to give a bit more space to the other statues there. And I hadn’t realised the second strand of LED lights had died before I took the photo, so they look a bit sad, but I fixed that. I like having the lights there, it adds a bit of starlight to it. And of course all my ritual books, Books of Shadows, and other assorted notebooks sit on top of the shrine, along with my incense, and a few other bits and pieces I want close to hand.

The next big shrine is the Goddess shrine. It’s divided into three parts: Hekate on the left, Quan Yin in the centre, and Hestia, Aphrodite, and Athene on the right. I wanted to centre Quan Yin here bc see, what I have noticed I tend to do every year is try to redo the same thing with my practice, and I feel like at some point, it’s just become madness to try to write the same rituals in the same way, and that really, I’m at a stage now where I really should be focusing on specific skills and techniques, bc I think I’m pretty good at ritual by now, you know? I never give myself permission to just study and work on something for a year, and I really should do that bc I have Work I need to be doing. So this is part of that Work.

Plz ignore the plush Clydesdale horse sitting in the window. He just likes it there. <3

This is Hekate’s side. It is pretty simple, but it has everything I need right now. I’m planning to experiment with cauldron magic, and the stick is going to be turned into a wand. The origami crane sits on top of a cauldron filled with skulls, and that’s representing the ancestors. One of the jars at the back contains deipnon offerings, and the other is a herb – I can’t remember which – that came as a set of six associated with moon phases and I want to do some work with those this year. Other than that, it’s not much different to my usual Hekate shrines. I might add more candles when it’s not summer and it’s cool enough to burn candles again, but that’s it for now.

This is now where I keep my deipnon offerings, so they’re easier to reach. There’s also the moon phase herbs I want to work with, and some baby bottles of booze I got as stocking fillers for Christmas, as well as my chalice, and all my little incenses. On the far left you can just see the jar of salt, and all the big incenses I keep there for easy reach.

This is Quan Yin’s shrine. It’s centred around self-love, and there are other statues here of Aphrodite, Tara, and Bast, as well as, for the first time, crystals omg. I am just vibing rose quartz so hard rn, so I have a lot of that there, as well as two chunks of orange calcite. Other than that, it’s my candles and incense for practice, and the two bags – red and green – next to Bast contain my mala for practice.

THese are the two mala I use for practice. The green set are made from moss agate and I made those myself. They’re 10mm beads, iirc, and very good to use. I like the feel and weight of them very much. The other set is made of rose quartz and rhodonite, iirc, and I bought them recently and they’re the set I’m currently using. Also that chunk of rose quartz is wild, man. First time I’ve ever sensed energy from a rock, and it’s lovely. <3

This is the Greek side. Hestia is obviously the centre of it, but She’s also surrounded my Aphrodite, a little Quan Yin I couldn’t fit anywhere else, and the statue of Athene is the most recent addition. I picked that up at the charity shop I work at last week for $4. I’ve been wanting an Athene statue for about a year now, but never got around to buying one and I didn’t really know where it was going anyway, but then I found this one and She’s a perfect fit here. <3 There’s the other two cauldrons I have, my bowls for water offerings when I do Quan Yin practice, my boline, my bell, and the silver shell has some self-care oils and such in it. <3 And of course, there’s Hestia’s candle just in front of Aphrodite.

Now this is my main Quan Yin shrine, and it’s currently a bit under construction. This is the first one I put together, and it’s here above my computer for when I do online practice with my sangha. Also, you can see I finally got around to binding the Heart Sutra into a book to keep there and one thing I want to do this year is begin learning to chant that for Her. I’m still figuring out what else I want to keep here, though, so we’ll see how this evolves this year. Also, the copy of the Heart Sutra I used came from Benebell Wenn, she offered a ready to print copy like, a year ago, and I downloaded it and always meant to print it out and bind it together, and now I finally have done it, so. 😀 I knew I wanted to bind it myself bc that’s like a form of knot magic for me. There was never any question of getting it printed elsewhere. I was always going to make it myself, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.

Mary turned up at Advent, and She hasn’t quite gone away. This isn’t Her usual spot, but that candle is Hers and I like having Her there near my computer. <3

I’m doing some sekrit work with Hermes rn, and He’s helping me out with that, so. I have a shrine for Him now. Underneath the little table He’s sitting on is a whole bunch of postcards and such. Those kinds of precious correspondence that I give to Him. <3 Also yes I have a few pendulums.

FInally, we have the little hearth shrine that sits just above Hermes. It’s a bit of a mess and that lararium needs a good dusting, but the three hallows are there (well, tree, fire), and all the household gods. The small rock under the copper cauldron is actually a dinosaur bone my brother got me for Christmas last year, and the pocket knife belonged to my paternal grandfather. <3 You can also just see the broom I made from dried rosemary twigs and crow feathers that hangs from the light switch. It’s the closest I could get to hanging a broom ‘above’ the door for protection.

So yes, that’s pretty much it. That’s the lot, apart from the shrines I’m not going to talk about. At least it’s a shorter entry this year, some years this post gets to, like, 3k words. XD But yes. That’s what’s going on in my shrine set-up this year.

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