Sometimes, inspiration fails you

I swear, I’ve been trying all week to write something up here, but it hasn’t happened. I’ve had thoughts about all sorts of things, but they’ve come to nothing. It’s not a huge issue, it’s not like I have a set posting schedule, but I am trying to keep the posting as regular as I can, just to keep things ticking over.

But things have happened. I have spent the past month working on a short story about Hekate for one of the Covenant of Hekate’s creative projects, and there was the option once it was done to submit it to Askei Kataskei, which I did. And apparently it is good, so there’s that. I’ll let you know more on that later when I have a firm idea of what’s happening with that.

I’ve caught up on my DP High Day stuff. I had fallen behind on my essays and such, and at least I now have all my High Day essays and ritual notes done. Check out my DP blog if you’re interested in following along. I will, at some point, sit down and redraft them into proper essays, and not just collections of notes, but that’s for later. The liturgies I used have also been posted, as well as the essay notes for the May High Day, because if I do it now, then I don’t have to worry about it when the Mysteries of Wesir are taking over my life. All I will have to do is write up the ritual, and then it’s done, and I can worry about Wesir.

The timing for the May ritual isn’t set yet. The Mysteries complicates it, because I run it from May 1 to May 8. It may have to be done a day or two earlier than May 1, just so I have room to do everything, and not overwhelm myself. I might make it April 30, which is a Friday, and I have a good chance of having the house to myself in the evening, so it would be a good time to do that High Day, and give myself time to write that up, and then prepare for the Mysteries, knowing I don’t have to worry about doing two rituals in one day.

The Mysteries are on my mind a lot lately, of course. Wesir is shrouded, and the days creep on, bringing us ever closer to May. Post-Equinox, it feels more present now. It’s coming, I can feel it in the air. Wesir is getting harder to connect with, He’s becoming more distant. I’ll be preparing soon, getting everything ready for the festival. Most of it will be simple prayers and libations, but there’s the Night Vigil to consider, and how long I’ll be doing that for. I want to do the full six hours, I haven’t done that for a few years now, and I’d like to have another go at it.

*checks calendar* Well, it falls on a Wednesday this year, so I think I can wrangle the full six hours, if nothing else interrupts. I don’t have work on Thursdays, so I could stretch it from 9pm to 3am, or keep the traditional 12am to 6am. But we’ll settle on the time closer to May, when I’ve got a better idea of what my week will be like, and how best to manage it. I think I’ll keep the vigil simple, and just recite the lamentations and offer water libations, and let it be what it wants to be. I’ll probably meditate every night, or as many as I can, because I know that’ll be important to do.

I’ve got deipnon and noumenia coming up this week, too. That might be a bit tricky to manage, because I’ve got a couple of comedy gigs to go to, but hopefully, I’ll manage to get it all done. Asperging the house will probably be done Thursday morning when my dad’s out, so I can get to every room in the house. I’ll also do a run around the outside of the house, as far as I can safely get to, just to chase anything else off. The rest of the deipnon can be done Thursday night. Noumenia, on the other hand, may have to be daytime, because I’ll be out that evening, and it’s probably better to do it when I’m not dead tired after a show.

But I probably shouldn’t bore you with the minutiae of my ritual planning. But there’s not much else on my mind at the moment, except Buffy, and the Mysteries. And distant third, work and all that entails. Perhaps I should leave this here, and get ready for work tomorrow. An early night is useful from time to time.

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