Solstice Blessings!

I’m way behind on my Solstice preparations. But then I’m way behind on a lot of things, ngl. Christmas does that to me, I think, when I have to buy presents for several people, and catch up with all the shit I didn’t get around to doing because I was working full time. But anyway.

I think Solstice will be short and sweet this time. It’s meant to be 38C/100.4F tomorrow, and I can’t with lengthy complicated rituals in that sort of heat, particularly not if they involve candles. At least only four of my DP High Day rituals need to be COoR, and I’ve already done two of those, so I’ll take my leave to do something simple. I do have a simple liturgy I bodged up a while back that just involves water and I may do that instead. It may end up just being a general Theoi one, because I don’t have enough time to focus on writing something for any particular deity.

I am going away on Boxing Day (Dec 26), though, catching an 8am flight, so there’s a lot more on my mind right now than just Christmas. We’re going to Tasmania to have Christmas with my brother and his family, before having a holiday for the rest of the time we’re here.

I’ll also be closing Shedety Scriptorium on etsy, just while I’m away, and open it back up when I get home on Jan 6. Well. It might be Jan 7. But you get the idea. I’ve set up a shop blog over at, which I’ll be doing some work on when I get back. I ran out of paid work, and while I have some free time on my hands, I want to get working on my shop again. And hopefully avoid having to go back on the dole, which is not fun and I already had four years of that shit I do not want to do that again, so. Shop it is, for now. I’ve got some mini shrine boxes under way, Kemetic and Hellenic, and some beads to make, as well as make a few more books, so that’ll be January’s project. More on that in the New Year.

I have been making some writing plans for next year though. I think I might have enough material to put together some sort of devotional/ritual book/idek with my original stuff in it, though whether I do one for Sobek, and one for everyone else, I haven’t decided yet. I want to get my material together first and see what I’ve got before I make that decision.

I also want to finish that Wesir/Heru/Sobek mythos I started ages ago. I got a bit stuck on the Contendings bit, but I think I’ll stop worrying about how closely it fits the historical narratives, and just write it anyway. It’ll be whatever it wants to be. When that’s done, I’m pondering throwing them together into another book, or perhaps waiting until I have a few more myths up my sleeve. IDK.

I also have Pasithea’s City to finish. That whole novel is basically Hermes’ fault, and once I’m done with this first (second?) draft, I’ll get it properly edited, and throw it up on lulu or createspace or something when it’s ready to go. I might serialise it here or something, but idk yet. Wait til I get a finished story, then we’ll think about what to do with it then.

Other than that, there’s not a lot going on right now. I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping, bar one, and have started making my packing lists. I’ll be camping out in my brother’s front room. They’re moving to Victoria, and their stuff is going on Dec 29, so. This is also why I think I’ll just keep my morning devotions to the simple ‘just add a glass of water’ form, and I might try to do them in the bathroom, if I can’t find another quiet/private space to do them. I think all I’ll take in my travel shrine are my beads, my ritual book, and perhaps a small plastic cup, if I can find one. It’ll be basic, but that’s fine. As long as the rites still get done.

Anyway. I’m about to go out and pick up the last of my Christmas presents, so I’ll leave this here, and wish you all Solstice blessings. If you’re lucky, I’ll remember to do my DP High Day essays, and post them to my DP blog, before I go wooooo. /don’t count on it.

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