Solstice Blessings!

Hello. Yes, I am still alive. So, summer solstice on Wednesday here in Perth was 42C/107F, which was just the best day (not) and why I hate summer this heat is appalling. So I didn’t do any ritual because who has the energy to do ritual when it’s that fkn hot? Not me. But I did ritual yesterday morning, with a bunch of other ADF solitaries, watching a livestream of a winter solstice ritual, so that scratched my ritual itch for now.

I’m still in that stage of figuring stuff out, but I’m closer to done than I was before, and I’ve done morning ritual to Sobek-Heru today for the first time in a long time. I also built a shrine for Isis, and it sits on the southern wall. I’ll do full shrine postings and photos at a later date, probably in January once the dust has settled. Maybe I’ll even do a full room tour, though I’ll have to do some cleaning first, I have stuff everywhere right now, and that won’t change once Christmas and my birthday hits. But that’s a job for later.

Everything has been a bit busy lately. I spent November writing fiction for Hekate, which isn’t finished yet, and then December and Christmas turned up and suddenly it was Solstice and this is how I find myself remembering to write in here again. I’m down to the final month of intense work with Hekate for the Sanctuary of Hekate Kleidouchos, so I’m hoping things will settle down in Jan, and I can take the time to solidify all that work and begin to work on moving forward.

I don’t have many plans for next year. I’m still looking for work, and trying to find time to fit my etsy stuff into all of that, but not much has happened on that front. My brain hasn’t had the time to fit these things into it. Hopefully with the new year, I’ll have more mental space for that. I have a couple of projects on the go, though, mostly portable shrine things, and I finally have some more book board, so I can make some new books. I want to try making larger books, and seeing how far I can stretch coptic stitch before I have to resort to case binding. I also have some vinyl and leather I want to play around with.

Apart from that, I have an A4 sketch book I got for $5 because the spine had a little spot of damage, and I plan to fill it up by the end of next year. I’m not worried about styles or themes or prompts or anything, I just want to practice and draw and colour with my pencils and really just give myself permission to Arts for no other reason than to do Arts. Not expecting it to be perfect, but I can’t get better if I don’t try. And trying things out in a sketch book before I commit it to other things is probably wise. So there’s that.

I also have my diary done for next year and I’ve done it weekly, with a spare page I want to just use to summarise the week. No in depth musings, nothing detailed, just a short page of what happened and/or whatever’s on my mind. I’m really bad at regular journalling, and maybe this won’t fix that problem, but you can’t build a habit if you don’t start, so there’s that. Maybe I’ll try to post to my DW journal more regularly too, and actually use it as opposed to just keeping it for the sake of it and to look at a few things on there. I also want to try to get into the habit of writing every day, even if it’s just a journal entry or something idk. I have a lot of writing I need to finish and I’d like to get them finished and not just think about it. So that’s something else, as well.

Actually, posting there might not be a terrible idea, there’s a whole bunch of mundane stuff I need to post about that won’t fit here, so. But that’s for elsewhere.

Other than that, I’ve been doing a little short qi gong routine I found on youtube first thing in the morning and I was sceptical as fuck that it would actually work and make me feel better but it totally works. It has really improved my asthma, which was pretty mild to begin with, but there you go. I’d also like to get into some sort of regular exercise routine, but I’m still not sure what might actually work for me apart from walking, which is fine, but I feel I need something a little more than that, but that’s for next year, I think.

Anyway. I have a bunch of things I need to do today, so I’ll leave this here. I have a lot of things I’ve been meaning to post here and to the grimoire, and haven’t got around to it because there was always a lot more going on, but now that the holidays are here, I can get on with that. So that’s good. Anyway. I’ll leave this here, and hope you all had a great Solstice, if you celebrated it, and that your holidays are good and happy and not stressful, no matter how dire and horrible the world looks from outside.

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