Sobek’s Birthday

Woo! So my calendar has a festival for Sobek’s birthday in January (Jan 12th/IV Shomu 16), and again in July (July 10th/II Peret 10). So as it’s this Wednesday, followed by a processional festival, I’ve been preparing offerings and hymns and such. I’m planning for some sort of chicken dish on Wednesday, with rum and maybe a cake. With or without a candle. 😛

I’m also writing a hymn for Him specifically for His birthday, which I’m planning to tweak a little for use at His January birthday festival. Not necessarily invoking the Solstices directly, but alluding to them, sure. I think it’d be nice to have something to use specifically for His birthday. Contemplating some sort of formal rite at sunset (since my weird UPG connects Him with the evening/Temu-Ra/the Western horizon), as well. It’s a Lord of Bakhu thing.

I think for Thursday I’ll take at least one of His icons/figures around the house and gardens (if it’s not raining), since it is meant to be a processional, and that’s kinda what you do for processionals. Except mine will be much less epic and more me, myself, and Sobek. But, y’know, I’m sure He understands that it’s just me, and I’m doing all I can.

I’ve also begun working on a piece of art for Him. I’ve done the initial pencil work tonight, and I’ll be working on it throughout the next few days to get it done on time. It’ll probably be coloured using coloured pencils, if only because that’s what I have time for. But this is what I’ve done so far:

Initial pencil work depicting Sobek coming out of the river, with marshes behind Him. A tree shrine stands before Him, with a large pennant/flag beside it. The two Temples of Kom Ombo are sketched into the background.
Initial pencil work depicting Sobek coming out of the river, with marshes behind Him. A tree shrine stands before Him, with a large pennant/flag beside it. The two Temples of Kom Ombo are sketched into the background.

Bit hard to see. Which, arse. I need better light for this, but it’ll look better when it’s inked and coloured. And then I’ll scan it properly when it’s finished, so it’ll look much better then.  I would’ve scanned it now, but ehhhh. It’s tricky and there’s stuff on my scanner and it’s an A3 sketchbook and. /will do it later. But for now, have the best photo I could manage.

It’s kind of meant to be Kom Ombo, in a mythological sense. The two temples are in the background, and there’s a tree shrine by the river with offerings and ribbons and a pennant/flag. And, yes, marshes behind Him. A lot of detail is kind of lost in that photo, but never the less, I still feel like I am pwning this art thing! /feels good man. <3 I mean, it’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty good. I’m very pleased I didn’t need any reference images for that, too. I am getting better at this drawing composition thing! Well, okay, I did use one of my (toy) crocodiles for a guide, to make sure my croc was realistic. But that’s it. Everything else is freehand FROM MY MIND. o.O :D?

(Perhaps it’s all those drawing videos I’ve been watching on youtube. Maybe I’ve learnt more than I thought I had. o.O?)

(Also, I have drawn so many marshes lately IDEK. Sobek, Heru, and MARSHES. It’s a Thing, apparently.)

For anyone wondering, Kom Ombo is my … preferred? cult centre, if only because of the twin temple with Heru, which is important to my own practice and UPG, so that’s why it’s there. I mean, I think He was bigger in the Faiyum? But Kom Ombo had Heru, and that’s what’s more important to me.

Also, I’ve decided that, in a while when I’ve got some spare cash, I’m going to see if I can get this guy to make me a scribe’s pallet dedicated to Sobek. I’d forgotten he makes those, amongst other Kemetic things, and to have it done properly would be a really great thing. I might also inquire about a small figure of Ma’at to replace my broken-then-fixed one. But that’s for later. I have just spent a lot of money on a new laptop, and that should (coincidentally) arrive on Sobek’s birthday, so He might end up getting that as well. I have other things to save for, as well, so I don’t want to be spending everything on that right now. But I guess when the time’s right, it’ll happen.

6 thoughts on “Sobek’s Birthday

  1. Neat to see you’ve picked up on the Sobek-as-scribe connection. I only recently became aware of this, though it seems it was bubbling up gnostically already.

    1. Was that an actual thing, then? That’s pretty cool. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ve really only contemplated it in the context of writing new myths for Him, since writing for Him is one of the main things I’ve been called to do for Him. Which is why I feel a scribe’s pallet is a thing I should get for Him.

      1. Yes! I actually added something about this to my entry for Sobek just within the last month or so.

        1. *goes to read* Ooh. That’s really awesome. I didn’t know that about that particular festival. I have all kinds of thinky thoughts now.

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