Sobek Rosary – coming soon!

Sobek and Isis prayer beads
A collection of Sobek rosaries, and another set I made at the same time. The set in the middle is for Isis/Hekate, but the others are for Sobek, made using the same pattern, but with different gemstone beads. Also, the second from the right, I now realise, has a bead missing, so it will probably remain with me, rather than go into the pool of Things That Might Get Sold One Day.

So I was asked a while ago about whether I might ever sell prayer beads with set prayers, and my brain decided this was a challenge I needed to meet. The prayer itself was drafted over a couple of days, and the beads took one afternoon to string together, once I had the pattern. The above, sans the pink set, are mostly prototypes at this stage, but they’re made from a mix of carnelian, lapis, sodalite, moonstone, red tiger eye, goldstone, and blue goldstone. I used tassels, mostly because I have a metric shit-ton of them, and it seems easier to prototype with tassels than use up the charms I don’t have because I haven’t done a charms order in way too long.

The beads are made of 29 beads, excluding the spacers. The four larger beads are for Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Midnight. The bead next to the tassel is for the opening/closing prayer. The other 24 beads are for each hour of the day. So it’s designed to follow the progress of the sun, and Sobek, throughout the day and night, with an hour for each prayer. I’m still drafting the layout and final wording of the whole thing, but I thought I’d post the draft I first came up with below the cut, just as a little teaser. I’m hoping to have these printed out on nice paper, with brief, but sufficient instructions, that get shipped along with the beads. I’m also contemplating a set for Heru and Isis, and perhaps anyone else who decides they want a set prayer for their beads, but those are a long way off.

Actually, the third from the right, the lapis set, isn’t made the same as the others, and I think that was because I’d run out of 4mm beads. So I think there are twelve beads in each section. That might just end up as another set of Sobek beads, rather than ones that go with this particular prayer. Which reminds me to add 4mm beads to my next bead order, when I have any money left to do that. (Srsly, buy my things so I can keep making new things. Like these!)

Anyway. Enough of my rambling. Here’s the draft prayer I came up with. Once I’ve settled on a final version, I’ll try it out for a while, and when I’m happy with it, it’ll go out with the beads, and I’ll post a longer 101 thing about it here for future reference. Any feedback or suggestions are always welcomed.

Opening Prayer
1. Hail to you, Sobek, Lord of the Nile,
Bright of Face, Who is like Ra,
Guardian of the waterways,
I come to give honour to you now.
Watch over me every hour of the night and day

2. Ascend, O Gods, ascend!
Ascend with Sobek, ascend with the Day Boat!
Come forth from the lake of the Nun in peace.

3. Hail, rising sun, Ra, who emerges from the Nun
4. Hail to you who is refreshed in the Lake
5. Hail to you, Bright Star, rising victorious
6. Hail to you, beautiful calf before the flood
7. Hail to you, Lord of the crocodiles
8. Hail to you, Day Boat, who rises like Ra.

9. Hail to you, Sobek, in peace!
You who soars above, in peace!
Bright falcon, you reside in the Day Boat in peace

10. Hail, strong one, who shines with radiance
11. Hail, midday sun, glorious crocodile
12. Hail to you who sails the Day Boat
13. Hail to you who watches the world beneath
14. Hail to you, Bright Falcon, who traverses the sky
15. Hail to you, Green of Face, who gives life to the land

16. Descend, O Gods, Descend!
Descend with Sobek, descend on the Night Boat!
Descend in peace, sink into the horizon with Ra.

17. Hail to you, white of teeth, mighty one, Lord of the Waterways
18. Hail to you, Ra, Descending Sun
19. Hail to you, Night Boat, who carries Kheper-Ra through the Duat
20. Hail Fierce One, turn all evil away
21. Hail, Swift One, Lord of the Muddy Waters
22. Hail to you, Lord of the Night, Protector of Ra

23. Hail to you, Night Boat, who navigates the Duat
Repel now all the enemies of Ra
Repel the foul serpent, tear its body apart with your teeth
Sobek, Mighty Rager, Defender of Ra

24. Hail to you, Guardian of the Night Boat
25. Hail to you, watchful of face
26. Hail to you who navigates the waters like no other
27. Hail to you, strong one, who repels the enemies of Ra
28. Hail to you, Rager, fierce one, whose claws rip and tear
29. Hail to you, who defeats the serpent and causes the sun to rise

Closing Prayer
30. Hail to you, Sobek, Lord of the Nile,
Bright of Face, Who is like Ra,
Watch over me every hour of the night and day

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  1. Reblogged this on Per Sebek and commented:
    Reblogging because I know some of you will be interested in this. Sobek rosaries are becoming a Thing, and I have drafted things, and made some beads, and now I just need to polish and edit and draft until it’s ready to go.

    Keep an eye on the shop blog, they’ll be posted there when they’re done and available for purchase. I’ll probably copypaste the rosary prayer over here to add to my prayer collection as well, once I’m happy with it.

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