Sobek Devotional Update

So we’re two months in and I’ve got a bunch of hymns, and a couple of things I’m waiting on. I’m really looking forward to putting all this together, so if you’re working on something and plan to send me any submissions, please let me know, so I can get a better idea of what this thing is going to look like as it comes together. I don’t mind if you’re not done yet, but I’d like to begin figuring out how to organise this anthology, so the more I know about what’s coming in, the better.

I’m still working on a couple of mine. I think I might flesh out and re-edit the silly piece of fiction I wrote for my 30 days of Sobek, just for something different, and I’m also working on a Sobek pathworking, for anyone who’s interested in having something like that at their disposal. I might also include some of the prayers I’m writing for my 108 Prayers project, since there’s some nice ones in there already.

I’m still deciding on the essays I want to write. I’m hesitating because I don’t think I’m much of an academic scholar when it comes to Sobek stuff. I just tend to fumble along and find what I can and cobble it together into whatever seems to work. But I do want to write something on the Faiyum at the very least, and I might write something about the Sobek-Heru thing. Though with a Heru devotional in the works as well, I might be able to make a few things for that, too.

Anyway. That’s about where things are on the devotional front. We’ve got four months left until the call for submissions closes, so you’ve still got time to get something together. If you want to chat about your submissions or ask any questions, email plz and thank you. <3

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  1. I found a new book! It has a lot of stuff about Sobek (and Isis) from Dime (Soknopaios Nesos). Théologie et culte au temple de Soknopaios: Études sur la religion d’un village égyptien pendant l’époque romaine by M. A. Stadler. According to the table of contents, there is a hymn to Sobek in this book.

    1. Oh, nice! It’s nice to see more Sobek stuff around, even if it’s in French. I’d love a translation of that hymn.

        1. That looks really cool. I wish I could read French. There looks to be some really interesting articles in there.

  2. I am still working on a couple of illustrations and a written piece, unfortunately I have been terribly ill in the last three months, and am currently hospitalized, but I really, really want to submit by the end of this month.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, I hope you can recover well soon enough. <3 I'll look forward to seeing your submissions when they're done. It's great to know there's some art on the way, too.

  3. “I’m hesitating because I don’t think I’m much of an academic scholar when it comes to Sobek stuff. I just tend to fumble along and find what I can and cobble it together into whatever seems to work.”

    Don’t sweat it. You don’t need to be an academic scholar for something like this, the important thing is you are a polytheist, devoted to Sobek, publishing devotional works about Sobek. Not more scholarly works that many people will have trouble getting their hands on. Also, a devotional work by an actual polytheist may be more relevant on how to revive worship of our Gods in our modern times, compared to scholarly works about long-forgotten villages in rural Egypt that’ll be limited print, likely, for a limited audience.

    1. I mean, I hear you, totally. I know this is an imposter syndrome thing I need to deal with. At the same time, though, I do scholarly research about Sobek, because there’s still so much there to do. So I feel like I can’t just write devotional pieces and ignore the history completely. That history is the foundation of my practice. But it’s been a while since I did any academic writing, so I’m a bit rusty. I’m mostly just whigging myself out with my standards more than anything else. But there will be some more devotional pieces in there too. I just can’t ignore the research! It’s important too! That’s why I created this site back in 2004, to make Sobek research and information more widely available. Because it is hard to access, either because of scarcity, price, language, or just that it doesn’t exist. So this is why I care so much about getting the scholarship right. Because it matters to me. If you want to just focus on the devotional pieces, that’s totally cool, and I am down for that, too. I’d love to get more devotional pieces for this anthology. That personal connection is really interesting to read about. But I’m still going to write about the history.

    1. Oh, yes, I found that a while back. It’s a fascinating read. The Book of the Faiyum is really interesting to me as my practice is centred around the Faiyum, but there’s not much more I can find out about it. I’d love to study it in more detail, though. It sounds like a really interesting papyrus.

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