Sobek and Heru shrine

Sobek and Heru shrine overview
It sits on my beside table/cupboard/thing, which is why the lamp is there. And the speakers.

It’s not finished finished, but it’s finished enough to post, I think. I set this up about a month ago, and I’ve been slowly figuring out what to put here ever since. I put the final touches on it today, so I thought I’d post it now, since I feel like it’s done, for now. Hekate had Her shrine in the same place for the Rite of Her Sacred Fires for the May full moon, but Sobek quickly claimed the spot for Himself and Heru once that was done, so He’s got it now. It sits on the eastern wall of my room, facing the festival/household shrine on the western wall. Hekate has a smaller shrine on the shelf underneath my main festival/household shrine. I’ll post photos of Hekate’s new shrine at another time. Maybe on the other blog.

More detailed pics and descriptions under the cut.

Sobek’s side:
Sobek's side

On the speaker, you can see the crocodile (which needs a clean/dust), a small Feraligatr figure, and inside the Dive Ball (surrounded by the crocodile’s tail), is a small Totodile figure. With a nice browny-green leafy fabric for some colour.

On the main part, there’s my small blue Sobek, His grey horse for Castor (because Gemini because Twins because reasons). Just out of sight, there is His larger statue, and behind the horse’s  front left hoof, the other ring I wear for Him. That ring is more for magical/ritual wear; the hem-netjer ring I wear every day is different, just a small thin white gold band with engravings on the inside. My hem-netjer ring never comes off.

…If you’re wondering about the Pokémon, well, Sobek kind of claimed Totodile as an avatar of Himself the moment I first started playing Gold/Silver/Crystal a few years ago, after I acquired an emulator and GenI-III from a friend. I still remember that first game of Silver, where I was wandering around Johto, at night, for the first time, with Sobek by my side. Which is why GenII (and Johto) is my favourite. Because Sobek. <3

Heru’s Side:
Heru's side

There’s not as much here, because I’m still looking for a decent falcon!Heru that isn’t too big, isn’t too garishly gold, and won’t cost me +elebenty dollars in shipping. (Apparently this is an unreasonable set of criteria. Who knew? o.O) Which is why He just has the Solstice!Heru/Heruakhety (and His adorable Pidgey face omg <3), His brown horse for Pollux, and His larger icon hidden behind that. I’d still like to find some small representation for Harpocrates, though, but I’m not holding out much hope there.

On top of the speaker, the green box contains my ink stone, ink stick and small water bowl. Under that is Black Sabbath’s 13, which arrived a few days ago and was quickly swiped by Sobek (because He is a metal head)(and it’s a great album omg <3). Under that is the brown sketchbook thing I was talking about here. They’re there because it’s a free surface, not necessarily because they’re all Heru’s things, though. I did want to put a falcon!Heru there, but since I don’t have one of those (yet), the book and such can go there.

Close up of the front:
Close up of front

Ink bottles, tea lights, shiny things. There’s a figure of Ma’at on top of the box; I finally caved and coloured Her hair gold because I kept losing Her on the festival shrine because She was inky black, and as I was clearing up, I forgot She was there, and She fell and broke Her feather off. I’ve glued Her back together, but She made it clear that She wants another figure, one that isn’t broken, which is proving difficult to find, if not impossible. No one makes them that small, not that I can find. (Which, I know, I got Her from a magazine collection thing years ago, so its not like I can easily replace it, but still.) She’s just going to have to deal with that one until I can find a new one for Her.

Flanking Ma’at, the green stone is Sobek’s (obvs), and the black stone is Heru’s. The ankh necklace is for ritual wear, as is the crocodile tooth one. Inside the box are my brushes, pens, and nibs. I’m Sobek’s scribe, after all, and it feels appropriate to put all my scribal things there. It’s not a traditional scribe’s pallet, but coupled with the inks and the green box, it’s the best I can manage.

I need to buy new inks, though. Those ones are old and in need of replacement. Also I am running out of blue and red, and yes. When my next pay comes through, I will go and buy ALL THE CALLIGRAPHY INK. Etc. And maybe another ink stick or two.

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