So. I have a pendulum now.

NGL, I have been on the sceptical side of pendulums ever since I heard about them, because it just feels like a divination method more prone to human error than others. So I’ve never bothered to get a pendulum because it just felt unreliable.

So. I’m at my op shop today, and a lady brings a bag of stuff in, and in amongst the clothes is a slightly chipped clear quartz pendulum, the sort that’s on a long chain so you can wear it as a necklace. I mean, it clearly wasn’t just a necklace, the quartz point just looks like a pendulum point. Even though that point is missing a chip.

Anyway, I was curious. I’ve never actually used a pendulum before, so I wanted to know if it was all just bullshit. So I hold it steady and think ‘yes’ at it as I look at it, and it begins moving up and down in front of me. I think ‘no’ and it changes direction and begins moving again. I ask ‘unsure’ and it begins circling. This is, granted, normal pendulum behaviour, or so I’ve read. But it’s still weird wtf I have only just picked you up and you’re moving wtf. I do not understand this wtf.

It was a pretty quiet day in the shop, so a little later, I took it out again and asked it some more questions, just to see if it was a fluke or not. To see if the yes/no/unsure movements were consistent. I asked if it had been used as a pendulum by its previous owner (no), whether it was intended to be a pendulum when it was made (yes), did it have a name (no), did it want one (maybeyes?), did it want me to get a spirit board for it (maybeno?), did it want me to wear it (yes).

TBH, I picked it up again mostly because its energy was nagging me, and it didn’t settle down until I put it around my neck and tucked it under my jumper. It wants to go under my pillow when I go to bed, so it’s still close to me. I don’t know if it will always be like this, or if this is just the whole ‘getting to know each other’ thing. I did pick up a little black bag for it amongst the small box full of random tiny ring boxes and jewellery boxes and bags. It will probably live in there when it goes under my pillow.

Also, this is the first time I have ever felt any sort of energy from a crystal before. Every crystal I have ever picked up has just felt like a cold, dead rock. But this has energy. This is weird. IDEK.

Like, I legit took it off and tried it again before I wrote this, just to make sure it’s not just a fluke. It’s so weird! It just moves! Maybe this isn’t weird to anyone who’s used pendulums and likes them and doesn’t find this weird. But I’ve legit been sceptical about them for so long, and now I have one, and it’s legit the weirdest thing ever. o.O?

Anyway, it seems to like me, so yay? I have a new thing to play with. If anyone has any good recs for How To Pendulum info, lemme know. I would like some more pointers about how to work with it and what it can actually do.

BRB being weirded out by watching it move why is it moving this is so weird wtfwtfwtf


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