Shrine Updates, August 2017

So it’s been a bit of a quiet month, but that’s okay. There’s been a lot of prep work and putting things into place and sorting things out and trying some other things out, too. The last two days have been very Spring-like: warm and sunny and nice. I got into a bit of a cleaning mood, and have spent the time redoing my shrines, and my spaces, doing a little decluttering, and moving a few things around so they work better for me. I think I’ve also decided on at least one piece of fiction to include in the anthology, it will just need some work and editing and world-building first.

There’s a part of me that just wants to ramble on about the shrines, but honestly, I feel like I’ve written too much about them and I’d just be repeating myself. But I made some videos, so take a look at them, and I’ll ramble about them just a little.

Shedety Shrine:

You will note the Big Arse Sobek Statue. It took me a long time to find Him (and at a price I was willing to pay for Him), and He arrived this morning, just in time for morning ritual. He’s so beautiful. The video doesn’t really do it justice, but He’s so gorgeous. <3 He’s going to be the main icon I use when I am able to set up a separate shrine room. Sobek keeps threatening to open it, but I have put my foot down and won’t let Him until I have the space for Him. I am not opening a statue that is going to sit in my room. And certainly not until I have a cabinet.

Next to Him on either side are Heru-sa and (Isis-)Renenutet, since I seem to be zooming in on that particular Sobek-Renenutet temple in Medinet Madi/Dja as my regional cultus develops, and there, Heru-sa was the child of Sobek and Renenutet. I think I got lucky with that Renenutet statue as well. I’ve had Her for a very, very long time, but I bought Her as Aset, and the significance of the feathers in Her headdress didn’t really register until recently, beccause that’s what Renenutet is often drawn wearing. She was there all along.

Yinepu has also made a home on the shrine. He used to sit on the top shelf with the akhu/dead authors, but I took Him down about a week ago to dust Him, and He didn’t want to go back up. He wanted to be seen. And that’s why He’s down there. He came to me this morning during meditation as well, and that was weird. I have had very little contact with the jqls, so it will be interesting getting to know Him.

Hermes and Ganesha have the opposite corner, which is my prosperity/travel/good luck/obstacle-kicking corner. The silver bowl is where I keep my change. And my Pokéwalker, so it seems. I don’t have any major money or prosperity workings going on at the moment, so this is my little nod to that, by keeping my change in a bowl on the altar with Ganesha and Hermes.

And I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this already, but the brown-handled knife on the left with my athame/blade is what I call my candle knife, for all the candle trimming I do. I’ve used that since the very beginning of my practice, and it does its job very well. Apart from that, I think the rest is stuff you’ve seen before.

Black Madonna/Constellation Winter Shrine:

This is the last look at the Black Madonna shrine before I took it all down and set it up for the summer. Black is the colour I use during the dark half of the year, and purple is what I use for the light half of the year. So this was after I’d done the Shedety shrine, and so I thought I’d take a video of this one too, and then I remembered I needed to change the cloth, but I liked this one, so I thought I’d post it anyway.

Black Madonna/Constellation Summer Shrine:

This is the shrine redressed for summer. I’ve kept things mostly the same, though I did change a few things around. I never put a shrine back 100% how it was before. There are always little changes that happen when you’re putting it all back together. Have I walked you through everything on this shrine yet? I can’t remember. But I might do that later in its own separate post so I can throw photos at it. So I’ll just leave it there, and you can sort it out for yourselves. 🙂

As for the structure of it, Hekate sits on the left corner, with Her cauldrons, and a couple of other bits and pieces. I put Her there because She balances Quanyin’s statue on the right. It took me a long time to find the right statue to use there. Many were too big, or too small, or not the right design, or too expensive, but She’s just right there. She fits perfectly, and the white balances the white of Hekate’s statue, as well. Because I’m disinclined to paint that particular Hekate statue to make Her black, because I adore how She looks in that bone white finish, I’m not going to paint Quanyin, either. And honestly, black Quanyin doesn’t really work for me, so. Quanyin is sitting with Tara, and a little Buddha, as well as some bells, and the incense holder. Quanyin is covered in three mala sets, because of course She is. She takes care of my beads when I’m not using them in practice.

In the centre is the main Black Madonna shrine. The bull skull is still the centrepiece, because it just is. On the left are statues for Renenutet and Aset, and on the right, Mary and Aphrodite. Below the skull are keys, and other various bits and pieces I will go through properly at another time.

But yeah. That’s it, really. The only other thing I wanted to show you was this:


As you can see, I’ve cleaned my desk. XD I had originally planned to place the monitor on the windowsill when I first got it, but decided against it. But I was looking at my space yesterday and decided, what the hell, let’s do it anyway, and it’s cleared up more space on my desk to work with. Everything is also easier to access, and it looks neater too. I have a little candle and a bowl of sand to burn incense in, as well as my little bb~Quanyin. Also, my Heru~birb is now hanging on to my bracelets and such.

So I’m glad I have decided to do that, because I like the space better now. It feels more open and cleaner, and more organised. I’m trying to be better at keeping my spaces clean and free of clutter, and this is the first step. Oh, and the little cup at the bottom right has incense in it. I’ve had to order some more incense for Quanyin anyway, I was almost out of lotus.

So, apart from that, I’ve been diving into practice again, doing my morning and evening rites for Sobek, and my Quanyin practice as well. I did try to take a video of where I do my evening rite, but none of the videos worked out, so I took that as a sign it wasn’t to be seen right now. But it’s by my bed, so I can sit and meditate. And I’ve started including meditation into my morning rite as well. That’s been really nice, too.

Other than that, things are ticking along. My work schedule is all in a mess and will be changing in September, I’m still writing and working on things, I’ve been making a few things for a friend of mine, and I’ve now been down to Bunbury with the same friend to visit some witches down there, and we had a lovely time. So that’s been my August so far.

Hope you’re all still working on your Sobek devotional submissions, we’re nearly at month three of the call for submissions period. If anyone’s planning on sending anything in, please let me know so I know what I’m waiting on. The sooner you get your work to me, the sooner I can make this manuscript take shape.

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