Shrine and book videos!

So, Friday was my Thursday and I got my videos uploaded at last. Only took about four hours upload speeds in Australia are the worst. Anyway, have a quick post with links bc it is hard to type on my phone.

Sobek’s grimoire/book of shadows flipthrough – I’m almost done with the first section, where Sobek wanted me to just write all the hymns I had for Him. So I decided to do another flipthrough.

State of the Shrines video – it’s a bit clunky, but I took it three times and this was the best I could manage. Added some random music to make it less boring. Idk. I don’t do video editing. If all else fails, hit mute and enjoy the scenery. 

Shedety daybook flipthrough – I haven’t done a lot in there but hopefully that gives you a better sense of what it looks like and how it’s organised. More when I have actually done something in it, other than just set it up.

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