Shedety Scriptorium Update – All the things!

I’ve spent the better part of most of today putting the last of the unlisted stock up on Shedety Scriptorium. I wanted to get it all up and out of the way so I could start to work on other things. Plz feel free to have a look. I’ve added a bunch of journals, one stray set of prayer beads, and some shiny round painted boxes that would make for a good portable shrine/altar.

I still have one outstanding box to work on, Hekate’s, because I don’t like the design I painted around the bottom lid, and can’t work out how to finish off the lid to match it, so I may just repaint those black, and start again. The Hekate’s labyrinth on the lid is totally staying, though, given how much time I spent trying to get it as perfect as it is.

I want to focus on making prayer beads for the next month or so, since I feel like I have enough books up there for the moment, and I don’t have the room to store much more than I currently have. (Unless you buy them and take them off my hands, that would be nice? :D) Anyway.  I need to make more Sobek and Bast beads, and I want to make more for the other gods in my life, and see how many I end up with by the time I’m done. If you have any particular deity/design requests, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do?

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