Runes, Cycles, and High Days

Runes drying in the sun
Here, have some runes. And a little hammer. And two tiny wands. It’s been a busy afternoon.

It was one of those days, I think, in which I didn’t feel like doing much, but ended up doing a lot of journal work, and spent the afternoon making runes. They’re just made of air-drying clay, which, well, it’s all I had, really. Used most of the packet as well, so I’ll have to think of something to make with a quarter of a pack of clay. These are for the Saxon runes, so there’s 29 of them. I used the leftover clay to make a little hammer for Thunor. I’ll paint the actual runes on tomorrow once they’ve had 24 hours to dry properly. I think I’ll use this set as a practice set, and more for magic than divination at this stage. I want to work with them before I delve into using them for divination, and perhaps make a set that’s made of a less fragile material than clay. Which isn’t to say this air-drying clay isn’t solid, because it is, but it’s always a little less strong than kiln-fired clay, and for jostling around and such, it’s probably not the best material for that. So I’m happy using these for other purposes, like shrine decoration and meditation as I get to know them better.

I also have some tiny wands there. I picked up those bits of wood ages ago, and they’ve been hanging around with no real purpose. They’re not long enough for proper wands but I don’t want to use them that way. They actually make good pens, and I like the idea of ‘writing’ the runes with my wand as I cast rune spells. Seems weirdly appropriate to me. The one on the left is for Woden, and the one of the right is for Thunor. I’ll do some finishing work on them tomorrow, or perhaps the weekend, once I work out what I want to finish them with. I have no idea what the wood is, though. I just picked them up off the ground.

The board the rack is resting on is, well, it began life as a myse board, but turned into a magic altar in a more general sense of the word. Somewhere where I could cast all my magic, whether runic, heka, or something with Hekate. Since I’ve never had one of those before, and it gives me a nice focus and a dedicated space to work on that I can move around wherever I like. Besides, there are some rather interesting similarities in how I’ve read Saxon magic described, and what I know about working heka. They seem to be pretty compatible systems of magic.

WIP Shrine for Woden and Thunor
WIP shrine for Woden and Thunor, with mortar and pestle, cauldron, and candle. Thunor has a small quartz crystal and a hammer pendant, and Woden has three crow feathers, and a crescent-shaped pendant with Celtic knotwork that reminded me of a raven, which is why I bought it. The white horse in the middle represents Sleipnir. /the joys of holding on to old toy horses. <3

Must find something for the runes to sit in once they’re done, too, since they’re an offering to Woden. I’m expecting His statue will turn up in a couple of weeks, and I hope to have gathered a few more bowls and a drinking cup before then. Need to do some op shopping to see what I can find. It may have to be one of those rustic ceramic mugs until I can afford a proper horn. I’m holding off buying a statue of Thunor just now as I haven’t found one I like yet. If I’m going to spend $60+ on it, I want it to be one we’re both happy with.

The trigger for all this shrine building was when Woden gatecrashed my last full moon meditation, in which I had planned to go talk to Hekate, and instead got Hekate introducing me to Woden, with a flash of Thunor for good measure. Got the impression that, yeah, I had to stop procrastinating about this shrine business and get to work on it. I mean, He did make it clear when He first turned up that He wanted a shrine, and that was about six months ago? Or thereabouts? IDK. But yes. It took some rearranging to find the space for His shrine.

My monthly cycle is settling in well. It kind of ended up being lunar, based solely on the rites I do for Hekate. So I honour Her at noumenia (the new moon), and on the full moon, though I’m still working on what I can reasonably do for deipnon. I have also added the sixth day festival for the ancestors into my monthly cycle, setting it six days after noumenia. I do my daily prayers to Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset, with Heru in the morning, and Sobek in the evening. Once I settled into doing them right before bed, and right after I got up, it was easier to stick to, and I’m putting in some effort to memorising the prayers I say for Them. I don’t know if I’ll add anything more to it at this stage. I want to ride this out for a year or so as it is, and if I feel there’s anything amiss, I’ll perhaps revise my practices. But I like the simplicity of it.

I’ve also been figuring out High Days and festivals and whatnot. It took me a while, because I needed time to get my Kemetic-flavoured SDF liturgy sorted, which took a while because translating concepts is hard, u guise. I still need to do a few small edits to it, but it’s essentially done. It’s designed to honour Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset, and I plan to use it on each Solstice and Equinox as a regular seasonal turning thing. I’ll share it here once I have a finalised version I’ve tested and am happy with.

I also finally settled on a decision about whether I wanted to just stick to those four days, or include the cross-quarter days as well. I spent a lot of time agonising about which festivals to include, and which not to include, but it got easier once I had Sobek and Heru pencilled in for the four solstices and equinoxes. I’ll keep Wep Ronpet on Feb 1, keep the Mysteries of Wesir in May some time once I settle on a date. I decided to mark the Feast of Zep Tepi for what would be the sabbat after Yule, since it marks the halfway point of the year. I’m going to shift back Aset Webenut to Nov 5 because a festival of lights is much easier to do in November in I’vthis climate than in December. I’m going to use custom rituals and such for these cross-quarter days, so I can mark them the proper way, and still keep that element of Kemetic ritual style between hybrid Kemetic-Druidic rites. I think it’ll make things a bit easier, knowing I don’t have to do the full-on ritual for all eight, and I can still keep my favourite Kemetic festivals. Because no way was I not doing Mysteries of Wesir. I love that festival. <3 And Aset Webenut seems like a good counter to that.

I’m at that point now where I’m more inclined to keep a steady set of practices, and not change things up so much. I’ve spent a long time exploring and trying things out, but I want to be able to have a set of practices I can codify and stick to for more than a year. I may still change things up a little as I put these things into practice, but I have a good feeling about this one. /famous last words. XD

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