Runes are done!

Finished runes

All done! Painted them up on Friday, and only just got around to photographing them now. I wanted to see if I could arrange the runes like that around the base of Woden’s statue when it arrives, so I tried it out around the horse first. (And before anyone complains, no, they’re not in any kind of order. Just the order in which I took them out of the container once they’d dried outside.) Not sure what’ll happen to the horse when the statue comes, but I’ll figure that out in time. I still need to buy a drinking vessel, and a libation bowl, at the very least.

In front of the candle on the right is the little hammer I made for Thunor with the leftover clay. I painted it up and wrote His name in runes on it. Quite hard, as it’s quite small. It was a bit fiddly to get right, but I managed it. It’s a first start, though.

I’ve been mixing my red paint with copper paint, actually, since it makes it feel more like a blood substitute than just plain red paint. Plus, it’s been great having a portable magic altar I can just take outside for when I’m painting things like this. Man, why did no one tell me about portable magic altars before now? My life is so much easier now that I don’t have to fret about only doing things inside because that’s where my altars are. I can do magical things outside! omg! 😀 /small thing s etc.

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