Queer Wheel of the Year – Draft

Okay, so I thought I’d posted this somewhere – either here or Dreamwidth/LJ, but apparently not. Because I apparently got as far as writing it up, and then not sharing it with people. I know I meant to do that though. My approach to the Wheel was both finding a cycle that works for my particular path, and then a more generally and better adaptable queer version for public consumption for those who like using the Wheel as a festival calendar. If anyone has any input or thoughts, I’d love to hear them, and feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

To make a tl;dr post shorter, I’ve been reading over the Sabbats, and trying to figure out possible themes to work with for each one that aren’t dependent on heteronormative biological reproduction. I wanted them to be more abstract and inclusive, as well as adaptable for different paths or for people who work with different Deities. I wanted it to be asexual-friendly as well as queer-friendly, because I think the traditional Wiccan Wheel doesn’t do a good job of catering to those two camps.

Also, fyi, I am using ‘queer’ here as a shorthand umbrella term for transgender, genderqueer, and other gender diverse people to save me writing that out every time. It’s meant to be for anyone not interested in a binary gender narrative, or one based in biological heteronormative reproduction and fertility, like the traditional Wheel. So that’s where I’m coming from and what I’m trying to address.

This is also just a draft of my thoughts for each of the Sabbats. I’m open to tweaking or changing anything that doesn’t quite work, as well as any suggestions for what else could be included. Because I don’t want it to be path-specific or pantheon-specific, I don’t want to assign Gods to each one either; if I did, it might only ever be as a suggestion for who to work with? Does that sound like a good idea? I have the Horned Goddess down for Beltaine, but that’s the only association so far, and I’m happy for that to be a personal association more than anything else.

The Wheel So Far:

  • Yule – Creation. The birth of things. Return of the Sun. I’m sticking with this as the ‘start’ of the year, so to speak. So there is a creation aspect here.
  • Imbolc – Beginnings. Asking for blessings for new projects/paths, a time for initiations/dedications, and a celebration of light.
  • Ostara – Initation. Putting plans into action. Planting the seeds of future success. I’m probably being a little pedantic in separating beginnings and initiation, but I see this as the doing part of beginning things. So at Imbolc, you might make plans, and at Ostara, you’ve begun to put them into motion.
  • Beltaine – Pleasure/Creation/Inspiration/Self-Love/Self-Acceptance. Something along those lines.
  • Litha – Growth. Energy is at its peak, culmination of the year’s efforts. This is the peak growing time and things are ripening.
  • Lammas – Harvest. Reaping what you sow, gathering the fruits of your efforts. Making good on what you’ve done and where you’ve come.
  • Mabon – Destruction. Sounds harsh, but I see this as a time of introspection, to look at what you have and see if anything needs to be cut out and destroyed. What needs to change to make next year’s harvest even better. Plus, I like the creation/destruction dynamic, because you can’t have one without the other.
  • Samhain – Death/Rebirth. A time of intense introspection, and internal workings. A period of hibernation begins between now and rebirth at Yule. Finding your centre, finding out what you need to work on next year/want to do next year. Sort of, taking what you do at Mabon, what you feel you need to work on, and acting on it. I think.

I’ve kind of stuck with the traditional eight as a starting point in finding some sort of cohesive progression that ties the whole Wheel together. There is still something of an agricultural theme, but it’s much vaguer and can be interpreted either in that light, or as a more personal cycle.

Is this a good place to build off? I still feel like it needs some sort of Wheel narrative to tie it all together, but I don’t want to assign specific Gods to it unless I have to. If the Horned Goddess introduces me to anyone else, I might consider that as part of it. That’s all I’ve got, though.

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