Project – Perpetual Festival Calendar Book Thing

So, I picked up this visual journal at Jacksons, which does art supplies and such, and felt it was just right for this project. I got one with Bristol board/paper, mostly because I wanted to try it out. That, and I knew I wasn’t going to use much more than pens and coloured pencils, and felt the mixed media one could wait for another more appropriate project.

This journal has 24 pages in it, and I felt that was just right for a calendar. I decided it was time to put together something of a proper festival calendar, since I use a fixed calendar, and I wanted something of a perpetual reference. I will still do up calendars every year, because the moons and such change every year, but the bones of the festival calendar remain the same, and I wanted somewhere I could list each month, and all the festivals in it, with perhaps suggestions on what to do for each one, just to make me feel like it’s not just a day on a calendar.

I’ve finished January, which took me three hours or so, and I’ve done basic pencil work for February-June on the first pages of those months. Still have a lot of work to do on it, but it’ll get there. In the meantime, have some photos of my progress. <3

January’s first page! I had kind of an idea about what I wanted it to be like, and kind of improvised from there. I wanted some sense of the climate, how it feels, and where it sits within the festival calendar itself. I also wanted some sort of depictions/references to some of the major festivals within the month itself, and a symbolic representation of the moon for that month. The rest just sort of turned up. But I don’t think it’s half bad for someone who doesn’t draw, and who only had tiny hieroglyphic references to copy from. XD I copied the font for the title letters from a calligraphy script, though it only had capitals, and left me to improvise the rest. I have tried to keep them as consistent as possible, because, well, that’s how I roll.

January front cover

The calendar! Yes, it’s a 7×5 grid, but I copied it from my wall calendar, because I felt it fit the page better. The journal is made such that the spiral binding makes it lie very flat, so I didn’t mind setting the calendar on the side like that. Festivals in red; God birthdays in gold. And before you get confused, this is IV Shomu, not January, because I wanted a place to set out each Kemetic month on its own, rather than having it within the context of a secular month. I’ve decided just to make a small note in the bottom right corner as to which month the day falls in, just so the continuity is clear, but the whole month remains intact.

IV Shomu calendar
First page of festivals! Witness up close my dodgy handwriting. 😀 I’m still basing much of my calendar off my old Kemetic Orthodox ones, because those are the most complete I’ve got, and it’s still useful to me. Some festival ideas I’ve got from those old calendars and such, but others I’m just making up, based on the festival itself, and what I feel is right for the day. But it’s a work in progress, and not meant to be binding. I just wanted something there so it’s more than just a name. There’s something to do, as well. I feel that’s missing from much of my practice, that I don’t really mark the festivals consistently, if I mark them at all. I want to find a balance between household practices, what it is I do for Sobek, and marking festivals in a relatively traditional way – or at the very least, influenced by tradition.

Jan festivals page one

The Days Upon The Year. I felt they deserved a separate page. For other months, it’ll probably just have the festivals, and any spare space will probably be filled with images or drawings. I’ve only done one month yet. I’ll have to see how much room I need as I go. Think I might go abck and add a ‘Hail to the Children of Nut!’ at the bottom.

Days Upon The Year

Cover page for February! Also, witness my lovely ears of wheat, and my beautiful cow for Wep Ronpet! 😀 I know most of you northern hemisphere Kemetics will think it’s too early, but it works seasonally for me, so that’s when it is. I wanted to get the drawings done first, and worry about the writing later.

February cover

March’s cover page! In which Pi Day and other assorted things! That’s meant to be the Eye of Heru at the bottom there. In a ‘half remembered, but can’t be arsed checking, now with added embellishments!’ kind of way. I couldn’t remember what the Eye is meant to be holding, so it is holding an ankh. It will do, for now. It won’t be inked for a while yet, so I’ve got time to change it if necessary.

March cover

April’s cover page! Has dodgy rendering of Aset and Nebthet watching over Wesir because Lamentations. The Mysteries are next month, and this is the only major(ish) thing for April. I think I will go in and fix up Wesir a little, though. I bodged His face, and He looks a little too cartoonish for my liking. I also want to add more detail to the body. I’m proud of that lion face, though! Drew that from memory! And it didn’t suck! 😀

April cover

May’s cover! Very simple, but I like it. I didn’t want anything too … specific for the Mysteries, but I think this does the trick, and I couldn’t help adding an Akhu star to tie Samhain in. The falcon on the top right I’ll redraw, I think, because it’s a bit bodged up, and I’m not entirely happy with it. It’s meant to be for the Soaring Falcon festival that I’ve got in May.

May cover

June’s cover! It’s time for Yule, but I didn’t want to repeat the starry cow thing again, so I did this instead. The last few days of the Mysteries of Wesir fall at the start of the month, hence the Djed pillar, and I need a better thing for the moon on the right, but I think it’s alright. I don’t know if I’ll add anything else to it. I might just leave it there, and fill the rest of the space with writing.

June front cover

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  1. This is a really awesome concept! I might have to take a leaf from your book and do something like this for myself. I have random old KO calendars printed out, and the calendar in the back of “The Ancient Egyptian Daybook” but there are also non-traditional holidays to consider, and the list layout of Tamera’s current calendars doesn’t do it for me. Is your Wep Ronpet a fixed date? Since I use the KO Calendar I can’t really attach Gregorian months to the Kemetic ones, which is why I am asking.

    1. Thanks! I haven’t had time to do much work on it lately, but I want to have it done by the end of the year. I use a fixed calendar, yes, because a) I suck at astronomical maths, and b) a fixed calendar switched around to match the southern hemisphere seasons is necessarily going to be fixed, because I can’t use the rising of Sirius; it’s still in June down here, which won’t work for season-matching. I basically correlated all my old KO calendars together, used Wep Ronpet and Moomas as seasonal anchor points, and calculated the months from there. So basically, once I had Wep Ronpet as Feb 1, it was just a matter of counting the days/months out and placing things in as you go until you have the whole month done. I have had to modify Akhet I, given it covers most of February; it’s now only 28/29 days long, and the festival that lands on I Akhet 28 arbitrarily falls on the last day of February, just to cover leap years and whatnot.

      It really took a long time to put together, but I think it was worth it, because the seasons and festivals match up at last, which is what I wanted. I spent years wondering if it was possible to do so, to switch it around to match my seasons. I have to abandon the rising of Sirius as my calculating point, but I’m not recon enough to care right now. This is my calendar in full, if you’re interested in seeing the Kemetic/Gregorian dates matched up: Though I have just noticed I need to fix up my Roman holidays, and fix in the Greek ones, since I kind of decided on them at last. But yes. You’re welcome to use mine for inspiration, and I’m happy to share some of my notes, if you need them.

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