Progress on the new room

So I’ve been redoing my bedroom for the past idk how long. It’s been a slower process this time than the last time I did this, mostly bc I am broke and it takes a long time to save when you are broke. But it is closer to being done now. All the painting is done, and now we just need to finish the new desk, work out the wall shelves, and finish up modding the Ivar, and then it’ll be done.

So I thought I’d share some photos of what I’ve got so far, so you can get an idea of what it’s going to look like when it’s finally completed. I’ll do a proper State of the Shrines post then, but for now, have some photos. <3

That’s a brief overview of the room, via an instagram reupload, though it neglects the ceiling, which has constellations on it. I’ll post some photos below of those, and of the new shrine areas.

Sobek’s work in progress shrine. Also, Aset lost Her headdress again while being packed away in a box. *sigh* I’ll have to dig out my super glue and fix that, once I remember where the fuck my super glue even is. I’m planning for a lot more here than this, but this is all the space I have for now, so. It will do until I get the wall shrine sorted.

Some of this stuff won’t be on here when I get my shelves organised, so it looks more cluttered than it will end up being. Also, my cat *sighs* is in love with my window, and discovered she can jump on my altar to get to the window, so. I am planning a special little place for her to access the window on the far right, but that’s still a work in progress at the moment.

Quanyin will eventually sit above my monitor, and that desk is also not staying, I’m going to have a built-in floating desk. Ish. If you count one bit of Ivar on the open end as ‘floating’. But yes, here She is for now, with my tingshas, mala, and incense, and my little Buddha hiding at the back.

And now, for the constellations! I wanted to capture the important constellations for me and their places in the sky on the date of my Wep Ronpet. So this includes Crux, Orion, Canis Major and Minor, and Ara, and Phoenix. I also did Ursa Major and Minor even though they’re not technically visible from the southern hemisphere, but tbh, they represent Sobek and Taweret for me, so. I had to have them on there. <3


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