Painted Saxon futhorc rune set

So I finished off another set of Saxon runes this afternoon. I made them a couple of days ago, and painted them today. This time, I decided to just pinch off some clay, and roll it into a ball, and then just squash it a little to make the runes, and I think it’s resulted in more consistently shaped runes, tbh, so I might do them this way from now on.I used an old tool from my dissecting kit to press the runes into the clay.

I was going to paint them all black with red runes, but I decided to use silver and gold as well. I divided them up pseudo-randomly into three groups before painting them, so I had an almost even spread of the three colours. I want to varnish them tomorrow, though, just to protect the paint. But other than that, they’re done. Next up, when I get some more clay, some Norse runes. And some material to make bags out of. Polar fleece, perhaps. I can hand-sew that into a bag well enough.

I also painted what I call mini altar tiles that I’d made with the leftover clay once the runes were done, one for Kernunnos, and one for Thunor:

Mini altar tiles

Note my dodgy-as-fuck hammer for Thunor on the back. I am awesome at painting. I can’t offer Him any rum today, because I have a migraine, and I don’t really feel like drinking, but I have, at least, made Him a nice thing. The coppery swirls on the front are meant to be like fire? Yeah. IDK. If I had access to a kiln and could properly fire clay, I’d consider turning them into little incense burners, like for cone or stick incense. I’m not confident air-crying clay is suitable for that purpose, but I’m willing to be persuaded otherwise.

Kernunnos’ thing is a bit more straightforward, though I think I will invest in a darker green, and work on a more mottled look if I make another one, and find a clearer way of writing His name on the back. It got a bit squashed, I think, and it could be larger and more spaced out, so it’s actually readable.

I don’t know where the idea for these came from, but it’s been sitting around in my head for a while now. They fit in your palm. They’re quite small. I had a thought this afternoon as I was painting them that they could make nice pieces for a mini altar or portable altar kit. Which is, I think, the most cost-effective way to send them without losing money on shipping if I put them together in a shiny painted wooden box or something IDK. /thinking aloud. (Srsly, UK, it will cost me $18 to send you a package under 500g. US and Canada, it’ll cost you $14. The price pretty much doubles if it’s between 500g and 1kg. I am happy to have a go at making and selling things because the gods want me to, but man. Fuck international shipping. Just, fuck it all.)

Anyway. I might see if I can make some for other gods, Saxon or otherwise, and play around with them a bit. And practice painting hammers. 😀 I think they’d look good with hieroglyphs, too. Might try to make one for Aset/Isis, and see how that turns out, given I have almost no shrine things for Her, and I’ve been working with Her for around 14 years. /blames Sobek.

3 thoughts on “Productivity!

    1. Yeah, that’s what I want to try next, too, when I pick up some more clay. Maybe a throne for Aset, a djed for Wesir, a crocodile for Sobek, etc. Play around with symbols and whatnot.

      Ooh. Make a set for Wep Ronpet. It might make it easier for me to set up for Wep Ronpet with little discs I can rest candles on. I do have little statues, but it gives me more flexibility. That could be good.

      1. I’ve been making my own clay and using it to make things like that. I made a statue of Set, and a small frog for Heqet of all things.

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