Preparing for the Night Vigil

Yinepu guards the body of Wesir, while Nebthet and Aset watch over Him. There is some rosemary covering Wesir's covered body underneath Yinepu.
Yinepu guards the body of Wesir, while Nebthet and Aset watch over Him. There is some rosemary covering Wesir’s covered body underneath Yinepu.

I’ve rearranged the shrine again. The big jql statues flank each side, along with Sobek and Heru-sa. Cats and Asets at the back on each side, big Djehuty, Ma’at, two canopic jars, scribe, and another jql at the back, with Ra, Wesir, and the Holy Family on top. Candles, oil burner, and libation bowl, as well as a few sprigs of rosemary in a vase finish it all off.

Still not sure how long I’ll keep vigil tonight. Tiler’s coming tomorrow to work on the bathroom that shares a wall with mine, and I’m not sure it’s wise to keep an all-nighter when someone’s going to come traipsing in at half seven in the morning. I might begin earlier, though. Parents are out tonight, and there’s nothing urgent I need to watch on tele, so maybe at 7pm, we’ll begin, so I can finish at 1am. Not ideal, but perhaps the best compromise between keeping the vigil, and not doing an all-nighter.

I missed yesterday, because I wasn’t organised enough to make small destroyable ass and serpent figures, but I kept day two, and read the Lamentations out over Wesir’s body. It’s been a strange time. Very restless, which might be due to having strangers in the house all week.

Set said to me after my day 2 rituals that the Red Land was red because it was stained with Wesir’s blood. I’ve been thinking about that, too. I wasn’t expecting Set to be as present as He is right now, as subdued as He is. He watches, quietly, from the edges.

Sobek’s also been revealing the kind of shrine He would eventually like, as well, given the kind of priesting He’s asking me to do. The image He showed me was a shrine to Him and Heru-sa in the middle of a library, which, to be fair, makes complete sense to me. If I’m His lector priest/myth-writer/scribe, that seems the perfect place for it to be. It may not happen for a while, though. I have absolutely no room left for shrines.

* twenty minutes later*

No, wait, I figured it out. It’s all good. XD Pictures in a while, once I’ve had a chance to dress it properly and acquire a few more Heru things. I am sorely lacking in falcons. 🙁 But yes. If I am to begin my vigil in fifteen minutes, I might want to get prepared. I may probably update as I go, here and there, but if not, see you in six hours. 😛

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