Practicing my longstitch

Red vinyl longtitch journal
Apparently I still need to find a camera that can take not-grainy indoor night time photos. So sorry about that. I might do another one with a contrasting thread so you can better see how good my longstitch is getting.

I hope you’re all keen on red vinyl books, because I have a metric shit-ton of this stuff I got for cheap at the op shop I work at, so. :D?

I think this one came out better than the last one I tried, though, so there’s that. The book measures 6×7 inches/15.5x18cm, and the pages are 5.75×6.75in/~14.5x17cm in size. There’s no reason for the odd size, except for it was the best size I could get out of the scrap of vinyl I was working with.

I cut it down to two square(ish) pieces that were 13×14 inches/18x66cm, then shopped them in half to get 13x7in/18x33cm. It seemed like a decent size to work with, and it’s just big enough that I can just cut down the width of an A4 page down to 7in, and then fold it in half, and it’s big enough for the vinyl. I mean, it does use up a lot of paper, but ehhhh. Reams of bog standard white computer paper can be acquired cheaply enough for my purposes.

I have three more pieces, measuring 7x13in, so I might see what I can do with that. I think I might add in a couple more signatures. There’s nine in there at the moment, but perhaps ten might work, too. I might have to narrow the pages a bit to make room for more pages, but that’s fine. It works out well in the end.

Anyway, Imma go make more books, and practice my longstitch. Because I need the practice. And I have a LOT of vinyl I need to do things with, so.

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