O is for Ostara

Ostara. Ostara. Well. I did promise myself I’d do a post for each of the Sabbats. It’s just that Ostara isn’t a particularly significant one for me. I mean, it’s a nice Spring festival. I can’t deny that. But I can’t say I’ve ever marked it with much consistency. Or at all. (Have I done any Ostara rituals? I can’t remember.)

*checks digital BoS for any Ostara rites*

*finds two*

Oh. OH. I used the Sabbat for rededication rites. Now I remember. No wonder it’s something of a meaningless Sabbat for me. I never actually mark it. I just do rededication rites.

But I think, perhaps, that says moer than I thought. Imbolc is also a Sabbat that’s used for rededications and initations and whatnot, so in some ways, it’s not a weird thing to use Ostara for a rededication rite. Spring, new beginnings, and whatnot. Seems as good a time as any, I suppose.

I think part of my disconnection with it is that I celebrate it in IDK September/October, rather than around Easter in April, so I don’t really see it as a Pagan Easter festival. Maybe that leaves it a bit rudderless, but I ain’t doing a Spring festival in the middle of Autumn. Just saying.

That said, it is a good time for rededications and it’s always felt like a good time to restart, to rededicate myself to my path and my Gods and remind myself what I have to do in the coming year. So I find it useful for that. I might make it something of an annual thing, to use Ostara as a way to dedicate myself to my path all over again and reaffirm my commitment to the Gods. I think sometimes it’s good to do that, particularly if you’re solitary and don’t have any sort of initiation rites to do.

Then again, as much as my mother wishes my path meant I was an Earth-worshipping hippie sort of Pagan, my Gods always come first for me, and that’s where my focus is. I like taking the time to say, yeah, I’m still with You. I’m still here.

I think it’d probably be even more effective if there was some sort of review thingie, where we’d go over what we’d done together over the past year, and what we want to do the next year. I don’t think I take enough time to do that, and I probably should. I might remember I don’t actually sit around on my arse doing nothing. I have actually achieved things, even if they’re intangible and probably only noticeable to me. But that’s what my path entails, so I can’t really complain. I’ll add it to my list of things to build into this path.

I think I’ll leave this here for now. I’ve run out of things to say, and I need to finish up my P posts, which I’m much more interested in. I’ve got one post on polytheism and one on Pok√©mon as a valid religious metaphor. Because I’m awesome. :D?

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