New Shrine Update

Since I finally got started staining it yesterday, and I promised updates, and such. It’s coming along nicely, and I’m about halfway through now. I bought one of these Ikea tables, and I’m planning to use it as the new shrine once I get my room redone. At this stage, I’m just staining it, but I’m toying with possibly adding some decoration, depending on how well it works with the varnish I want to use to protect it. I’m pondering either painting hieroglyphic offering plates on the top, or at least making some out of craft wood so they can sit on top, and perhaps adding some kind of dedication or offering formula around it somewhere. IDK yet. I’m going to wait til I finish all the coats before I get on to testing the paints and varnish on a spare bit of wood.

This’ll be a shrine for Heru and Sobek, at this stage, with perhaps Hekate getting the lower shelf, but I’m not sure about that now, given it might be difficult for me to use, being so close to the ground. I may use it for storage of other things instead, and let Hekate sit on the wall shelves above once they’re put in. The big shrine box thingo I made before is going on the wall shelf too, as a central thing. I kind of want two long shelves above the shrine itself: the lower one will be for gods and whatnot, and I want the top to be more for ancestral things. I haven’t quite decided how high they’re going to be, though. I want to see the shrine in my room first, and find the right heights for everything then.

Anyway, have a couple of progress photos under the cut. Will update once it’s done.

Shrine baseThis is the base, after two coats of stain. I picked a colour called ‘charcoal’, and I plan to give it one more coat, I think, before it’s done. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s a bit darker than it looks there. I think it’ll turn out quite nice when it’s done.

I’m pondering decorations for the outer face of the legs, if I can get the paint to cooperate with the varnish.

Shrine topsThe photo doesn’t particularly do justice to the colours here, either, but the back one is going to be a reddish colour. It’s only had one coat though, so that’s why it’s a bit pale at the moment. It’ll look better with a couple more coats.

The front one is the top, and I think I might only give it one more coat before it’s done. Still undecided about decorations for it, but it may just be easier to make offering plates, given the surface of the table. I’ll cross that bridge when it’s done, and I’m in a position to know whether I can decorate it more than I can right now. We’ll see.

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