New: Shrine Kit – Persephone Portable Shrine Kit with Prayer Beads


This is the second of the shrine kits I made. I picked up the heart-shaped box at a craft store, and for reasons I still don’t understand, Persephone decided She wanted it. So I made Her a little shrine kit. I have no actual relationship with Persephone, but if She asks for a shrine box, well. She’s getting a shrine box.

This is a small portable shrine kit designed for Hellenic pagans, polytheists, and those who work with Persephone. The box itself is made of papier mache, painted with a rose-gold mix, gold highlights, and a black interior. The lid has a painted design that depicts shafts of wheat, and a torch to illuminate the underworld.

It is small and light enough to use as a portable shrine, and there is plenty of room to add your own items, or take out what you don’t need. It could also stand on its own as an inconspicuous shrine, as the design is subtle enough to not be obvious.

The box has been varnished to give it a protective, glossy coat to protect it from damage.

In this kit, you will receive:
– 1 painted box, that fits everything in the kit inside it.
– 1 incense burner, made from air-drying clay
– 1 small white offering dish
– 1 set of prayer beads, made from poppy jasper, black onyx, a pearl, and red glass beads, with a pewter double pentacle charm
– 4 mini myrrh incense sticks
– 2 tealights
– 2 mini corked jars for salt or herbs or granular incense

Everything will be packaged securely to prevent damage during shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing this kit, please see the listing on Etsy here.

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