New Shrine – Almost Finished!

Yeah! It just needs to be varnished now, to protect it from, well, stuff. I’m quite proud of how it’s turned out, in spite of some of my questionably formed hieroglyphs. It’s still not properly put together, but I’m waiting til after I’m done with the varnishing to do that. And as you will see from the photos below the cut, I did manage to find a varnish that would work with my other paints, so I have literally spent most of the day decorating it.

NGL, it is super hard to put together hieroglyphic thingumies when you don’t have your books, and all you’ve got are three glyph fonts, and whatever you can find on the Intarwebs. I kind of had to bodge up a spelling for Bakhu since I couldn’t find one to copy. So if there is a proper rendering floating around somewhere, and I’ve bodged it up, well, sorry in advance.

Anyway, have two photos and moar rambling about things.

Painted shrine ... legs
The base of the shrine, now properly painted charcoal, and with glyphic things.

The shrine is going to be oriented west-east, along my northern wall, so Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset will finally be in Their proper places. This is why Sobek’s offering/dedication is on the left, and Heru’s is on the right. Sobek’s reads: An offering to Sobek, Great God, Lord of Bakhu. Heru’s reads: An offering to Heru, Great God, Lord of the Two Lands.I didn’t think I had the space to write anything longer, tbh, so abbreviated offering formulas it is. As the evening star, Sobek has a lunar symbol, and Heru has a solar one. And I couldn’t help adding ankh and Eye symbols to complete it.

The bottom has a badly painted winged solar disk, flanked by bodged up symbols for the night boat and the day boat that are pitifully hard to see in this photo. I blame the angle. I’ll try to get a better shot of it when I have it all together, and maybe then I’ll show close-ups of all the glyphs properly so you can see how dodgily I can render them in paint. 😀

Painted shrine top
The shrine top, now with votive offerings of bread and beer.

The reddish timber you can see in the background, behind my mother’s rising sourdough loaf, is the bottom shelf, now with all its coats of paint. It’s much more properly red now, though I’m not sure it’s entirely as obvious in this light. Forgive me, it started raining just after I finished, and the light is terrible, and I don’t know if the flash really helps.

But anyway. I wanted to paint some form of offering table motif on the top in the centre. It just seemed appropriate. Though it’s hard to see in this angle, I have managed to make the left side half a centimetre longer than the right side. I blame Sobek. (And yes, I did measure. And I did tape the edges. It looked fine! Until I sat down this afternoon to paint in the gold, and realised why it looked weirdly off-centre. Fuck.) I don’t think it’s a bad job though, all things considered. It’s what my skillz could manage.

I did consider writing a proper offering formula around the table, but I wasn’t confident I could pull it off in the space that was there without smudging it or messing it up. My painting skillz are okay, but I don’t think they’re that good, tbh, not if it involved hieroglyphs.

I’ve also painted up a couple of little small square boxes in black and gold to use as pedestals for Sobek and Heru once the shrine is complete. I’m considering using shrine cloths just for the two sides, rather than for the middle, but I think that would require going to get more proper fabric and doing some hemming. I don’t have enough of the colours I need yet. It’s certainly going well, though, and it’ll look fantastic once it’s all varnished and set up properly.

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