New: Portable Shrine Kit – Kemetic Shrine Kit – Offering Table Lid – White and Gold


I have been experimenting with votive offering tables for a while now, and I think this is the one that is rendered best. Perhaps it is because I drew it with a paint marker, rather than with actual paint. I can see where my strengths lie.

This, and another three boxes, I got at my op shop. $1 each. They’ve scrubbed up nicely, I think. Also, it’s not visible and I forgot to add it to the listing, but the felt backing for the altar tile is black. But anyway. The paint marker is shiny af, and I want to play around with that some more. I like the effect.

This is a small portable shrine kit designed for Kemetic pagans, polytheists, and assorted other Kemetic types. The box itself is made of papier mache, painted white, with gold paint marker along the edge of the lid. The inside is also painted with gold acrylic paint. The box has been varnished to give it a protective, glossy coat to protect it from damage.

The box measures 11cm x 11 cm x 4 cm, or 4.3in x 4.3in x 1.6in.

The lid, drawn on with gold metallic paint marker, is an original design inspired by the ancient offeirng tables, and enables the box itself to be used as a mini altar for ritual, if a small shrine is all you can use.

The design has the hieroglyph for heaven/sky at the top, an ankh in the middle, and the hieroglyph for offering at the bottom. Between them are renderings of pots for offering water or beer, tiny incense burners, the glyph for water, and the two circles represent offering bread. In this way, the offerings represented can be used as votive offerings, perpetually given to the gods if you aren’t in a position to offer physical offerings due to travel or other situations.

It is small and light enough to use as a portable shrine, and there is room to add other items, or to take them out and completely customise what it contains to suit your own needs. It can also be used as a mini shrine on its own, if you do not have much room.

In this kit, you will receive:
– 1 painted box, that fits everything in the kit inside it.
– 1 gold altar tile, depicting an ankh, ma’at feathers, and four stars in black, with a felt back
– 1 small white offering dish
– 4 mini myrrh incense cones
– 2 tealights

Everything will be packaged securely to prevent damage during shipping.

If you’re interested in purchasing this shrine kit, please see the listing on etsy.

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