New: Portable Egyptian Shrine Kit with Prayer Beads

Kemetic shrine kit with prayer beads

I think this is one of the first shrine kits I put together, and it’s been hanging around, not entirely finished, until now. I kept changing my mind on what to include in it, but I think this is a good set, so I’m finally getting it listed.

This is a small portable shrine kit designed for Egyptian pagans and polytheists. The box itself is a wooden craft box, painted gold on the outside, and a dusky pink on the inside, both colours signifying the importance of solar gods to the people of Egypt.

It is light enough to take it with you if you’re going away, or doing outside ritual, but could also work as a small shrine for those who need something inconspicuous, as there are no symbols or markings on the outside of the box to indicate what it is. It can also be used as a shrine piece in its own right for an inside altar, or as a storage box for other items.

This kit isn’t designed for a particular god, but could work well for Horus or Ra, or even Isis, or any other Egyptian solar god, though there is always room to add in your own items to make this kit your own if there is a particular deity you wish to honour with this kit.

In this kit, you will receive:
– 1 painted box, that fits everything in the kit inside it.
– 1 Eye of Horus 9cm round painted altar tile
– 1 Eye of Horus incense burner, made from air-drying clay
– 1 small white offering dish
– 1 set of prayer beads, made from lapis lazuli, goldstone, tiger eye, and moonstone, with a pewter ankh charm
– 4 mini frankincence incense sticks
– 2 tealights
– 2 mini corked jars for salt or herbs or granular incense

Everything will be packaged securely to prevent damage during shipping.

If you’re interested in purchasing this kit, please see the Etsy listing here.

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