New Blog: Navigating The Star Forest

Because apparently I don’t have enough blogs on WP already, I made a new one for ramblings about druidry and hearth things and ancestors and such, after getting some clearer indications that it’s something I should look into with more depth:

Navigating The Star Forest

Because, y’know, it felt weird to use this blog to write about those things, so they’re going over there where I can keep them organised. (This is Sobek’s space, after all, rather than a general religious blog. He wants it to go elsewhere.)

No idea where this new (sub?)path will go, but I never bloody know where I’m going anyway, so this is hardly a new experience. (Thanks, Sobek, ILU too.) I feel like a lot of this is more about the wider foundations/connections and ancestral things, rather than the personal religious practice I have at the moment. But we’ll see. I’m hoping it’ll make all the bloody forests make sense, since they keep turning up and it’s bugging me like mad.

I will probably do PBP over there too, given that it’s a) running next year, and b) I’ve just looked at the draft topic list I wrote months ago for next year and it’s much more suited to there than here. Already planning Hestia vs Vesta blog because reasons.

Follow it, if you like, if you’re interested in keeping track of where I end up with this.

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