Myth-Writing and Other Things

I swear, I am done reorganising the pages on this blog for now. There’s lots more to add, but the basic set-up is there now, so all I need to do is slowly add the things that are missing.

I’ve got a section now for my religious practices. For rites and heka and calendars and whatever else I think fits in there. It’s pretty basic, at the moment. All it has is the general ‘fill in the blanks’ Kemetic rite, my morning and evening Graeco-Kemetic rites, and the Sobek execration ritual. I also plan to put calendars up there, Kemetic ones based on my fixed one, with versions for both northern and southern hemispheres. If I get around to putting basic festival tradition information together, it’ll probably go there too.

I’ve also put up a section now for devotional writings. Prayers, hymns, and adorations are going in there, as well as any myths and stories I write. Nit just gave me Hir version of the birth of Sobek, so that’s just gone up there for your reading pleasure. (Even if I did feel like Sie was lecturing me – and everyone else who might read it – as I was writing it. >_>) I wanted to write this one mostly because I haven’t found one in the ancient records, and, well, I felt it was needed. I feel Sie got a bit ‘Lady of the Stars’ on me as well. IDK why. o.O

I hesitate to say it is the One True Version of Sobek’s Birth Forever And Ever™, though. I got the feeling it was just the version Nit wanted me to know. (Subtle hint is subtle, Nit. I get it; I can stop looking for His dad already. Thanks for the clue-by-f9ur.) It’s true for me, but perhaps not for anyone else. I’ll be puzzling over it for a while, I can tell you. Even I didn’t anticipate half of what I wrote when I was drafting it. It all just … came out of nowhere. o.O Into the pretty little book I am filling with myths. (I shall take a photo of it at some point. It is lovely. <3)

I am still deciding if I can be arsed copying my creation mythos over there so it’s at least in the right place, but I hate redundancy, so maybe not. IDK.

Anyway. That’s what I’ve been working on over the past few days. More ‘not an update’ type posts later, when I am not feeling quite so brain-dead and hormonal. -_-

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