[Myth] To Bring Forth A King + Rituals

Short post is short and quick because it’s nearly dinner time, but I’ve updated my Myths and Stories page, and added a new myth I wrote this afternoon, To Bring Forth A King. It concerns the conception/creation of Heru-sa-Aset, told by Sobek, and comes with the usual UPG caveats. Go forth and read, if you feel so inclined.

I have also realised I need to update my Rituals page, because it is horribly out of date, and I have some more rituals to add to it. I might throw up my Kemetic SDF High Day rite, if anyone’s interested, though it’s sort of a draft at this point in time, and I’m might tweak it before declaring it finalised. I mostly did it to see if it could be done, so I haven’t rehearsed it, either.

It comes from me really quite liking ADF ritual structure, but wanting to do Kemetic things with it. I think it reads a little … rough at this stage. I think I need to work on the language, and better incorporate the Kemetic things without making them feel like they are cut and pasted (which they are) and more like they’re meant to be there.

I’m using the imagery of (Nile) river, (Sycamore) tree, and stars, which I think is working well at the moment, but I want to meditate on it some more, and perhaps rewrite some of the things I’ve got there. They’re alright, but could do with some work.

Other than that, things are going along alright. Devotions are fine, and I’m trying out ways to incorporate Sixth Day Festival libations into my daily devotions, so I’ve got a good chance of sticking to it. Which is half the reason Wesir and Ra have moved to my Sobek/Heru shrine, so I can pour libations to Wesir and the ancestors there. I might also stick up the short ritual I made for that, just in case anyone’s interested in how I’m doing that. I’m determined to stick to the Sixth Day festival every month this year, since I know I don’t do a lot for my ancestors. I want to have a consistent practice on that front, and this is a start.

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