Myth: Sobek Shedety, He Who Rises Like Ra

I’ve been contemplating Shedety myths, and this idea of Sobek rising out of the lake like Ra, of being renewed in the waters before rising at dawn. I find it to be very beautiful imagery, and I’ve been thinking about it mostly because I started writing this other story, set in an alternate universe, where Egypt has been invaded and all the temples and priests are being destroyed. The one that’s left is one of Sobek’s, and His priests decide to escape, refusing to let their gods die with them.

And so along with that comes the development of what Sobek Shedety’s cult and worship would look like. What the rituals would look like. What other gods would be with Him. What stories would shape the way they see the world. And this idea of Sobek as Ra resonated, and it’s been sitting with me ever since.

And so I come to this myth. I’ve been working on what I will refer to as a Book of Shadows, for lack of a better conceptual description for it, and I wanted to include not just the Celestial Twins myth, but also one for Shedet, because even in three years, that’s how far my cosmology has shifted, so. This is what I ended up writing. I’ve only made minor edits in the process of typing it up; otherwise, it’s as it was originally written.

Sobek Shedety, He Who Rises Like Ra
The beautiful calf before the flood came into being with shining radiance. He brought forth His body from the Lake of Faiyum, from Shedet, from the deep marshes. From the primordial waters, Sobek came into being. He rose slowly out of the water, and His body became the first mound of land.

His skin was black, like the fertile mud, and as He bellowed into the nothingness, so did the gods come into existence. He made their names, and called their names to them, and they gathered on His body, spreading the land across the water.

From the Lake of Faiyum, Sobek moved north, and where His feet landed, so did the land sink and lakes appeared. He walked north, and His tail dragged along, creating the rivers and tributaries. Where His sweat fell, the marshes grew. And so the Delta came into being.

Once His heart had been satisfied, He stopped to sleep. When He woke, He left the sea behind, and the water flowed to meet the Delta.

As He turned south, Sobek submerged Himself, ploughing through the land to carve out the Nile. Where His feet stepped, one of the gods alighted, and there, the temples were established in the 42 nomes. He threw fish into the air across the land, flinging them out of the water, and where they fell, the oases sprang forth out of the barren desert.

Sobek swam south, until He found the Lake of Nun again, submerging into the waters upon the mountains to rest. As He emerged, He brought the first flood, and He rose the water down the river He had just made. He left His fertile mud on the land, and only there did life flourish.

And so it came to pass that Sobek had given birth to the Two Lands, and created the first Zep Tepi.

As Ra sunk towards the horizon, Sobek’s heart was at peace, and He returned to the Lake of Faiyum, to Shedet, to the marshes where He had come from. There, He is renewed like Ra, while night huddles close.

As Zep Tepi repeats, so Sobek will rise like Ra, out of the Lake of Faiyum, and bring the world into being.

It is done in this way for millions of years.

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