Mysteries of Wesir

The Night of Death
The Mysteries of Wesir: Day 2 – The Night of Death. More on this tomorrow.

It’s been a long weekend, it seems, in terms of rituals. I had rites for Hekate on Friday and Saturday, followed by Samhain/Parentalia on Sunday. Monday marked the beginning of the Mysteries of Wesir for me, and apart from a short rite in shrine, I’ve spent the day hemming altar cloths. I’m trying to keep the Mysteries themselves quite subdued (as much as possible) because it will be long and hard, and I don’t want to burn out. Simple candles and libations every day, at the very least.

In many ways, it’s been a strange few days, though I’m not going to write about everything here. A full write-up of my Hekate and Samhain rites will be over at Navigating The Star Forest. But suffice it to say, my relationship with Hekate has shifted considerably. I feel like we’ve shifted beyond foster parent and fosterling, and become much closer. The omen I drew for my Samhain rite seemed to confirm this, so in many ways, I’m not surprised.

Mysteries of Wesir day 1: Defence of Wesir from Set
Mysteries of Wesir day 1: Defence of Wesir from Set. With Khonsu and Hethert standing in for Heru-sa and Aset, because I don’t have tiny statues of Them to use. The light is pretty terrible, and black statues on a black altar cloth = bad idea, Sasha, but behind Heru and Aset are two Egyptian soldiers, and behind them is Wesir.

I feel like I’m writing this up too late, but perhaps there’s never a ‘too late’ when it comes to these things. Set is still on my shrine, though under the close watch of Djehuty, the jqls, and Sobek. I’ve been thinking about Set’s actions for a while now, and how, as the strongest of the Gods, perhaps that is why He was the one to kill Wesir, because no other God could have carried that burden.

I’ve not worked with Set much at all, so I can’t speak for how He is, really. But I don’t think I’ve ever been afraid or hostile to Him. He did what was necessary, and perhaps, if you look, perhaps He did it out of love. I don’t know. But I don’t doubt He felt nothing for what He did. I get the sense He felt it quite keenly, but I don’t think that’s a side He ever really shows.

I’m still working on the myth-writing. I’m slowly working my way through the Wesirian myth cycle, and the story currently brewing in my head is Heru talking about being brought up by His two mothers (Aset and Nebthet) and Sobek. I’m waiting to get the voice right, so the story will just flow. I’m trying to get closer to Heru-sa, particularly during this time, so I can find His voice better.

I’ve been pondering other things, too, during this time. The nature of my priestly service, Wesir’s death, story-telling, the ancestors, how we find our place in the world. I may only keep the vigil for three hours this year, just because we’ve got tradesmen coming all week for a bathroom reno, and it’s probably not wise to pull an all-nighter when they come barging in at 7:30am. I’ve been thinking of shifting it back, too, perhaps to 10pm or something, so I can still keep it, but not tire myself out. At the very least, I’ll stay in shrine, recite the Lamentations, and read out the names of my ancestors, while pouring libations of water. I still want to keep vigil in some way, even if it’s just for an hour or three.

But speaking of sleep, it is late, and I really need to eat and go to bed. Will write up those other rituals tomorrow morning. For now, I will sleep, and pray for Wesir.

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