My Complete Festival Calendar

I thought it was about time I posted about this, because I feel it’s settled into what it wants to be for the moment, and there’s no point in trying to tweak it. It’s light on Greek and Roman festivals, if only because I still haven’t figured out which ones I want to mark, so that’s more of an addition for later when I’ve had time to properly research those things. But the basic structure is there now.

It’s a fixed calendar, too, if only because it’s easier to integrate it with the Wheel than calculating it every year. I’ve also got a leap year version that adds in an extra day. I think I just added in another extra day leading up to Wep Ronpet, so the months were (mostly) in sync. I’ll still probably check it every year, just to make sure it’s still working. I chose Wep Ronpet as my starting point and gave it a fixed date in order to calculate the rest of the calendar from there. Somehow it’s all managed to work out really well.

There are no moons integrated into the main calendar here, though, if only because I’m just going to set those in every year because the dates change. That’s about all the additions I plan to do though, bar any tweaking I need to do. For me, my path is easier to manage using a perpetual calendar, because I don’t want to spend days calculating a new calendar every year. I’d rather do things this way.

I’ll also state my base Kemetic calendar is based on the Kemetic Orthodox one, if only because I already had those notes I could use to compile a complete year-long calendar. I’ve only included the festivals I plan to mark. I’m also making something of a daily prayer book, where I want to list every festival, so I can use it as a devotional aid for my daily practice.It’s my compromise between keeping track of the whole calendar without feeling obliged to celebrate every festival.

A few other things: My previous post on the Sabbats and calendar is here, which goes over my Sabbat configurations and whatnot, and the first of my L posts on Lammas explains my reasons for shifting Lammas into March. For some extra explanation I won’t repeat here.

1: (Secular) New Year’s Day
8: Jubilation in the Entire Land
12: Ritual water for those in the next world (Akhu)
12: Birthday of Sobek
16: Feast of Menhuy (Amun the Hidden One)
20: Offerings in Ra’s Presence
26: VI Shomu ends
26: Feast of the Dressing (7 days)
26: Australia Day (public holiday)
27: Birthday of Wesir
28: Birthday of Heru-Wer
29: Birthday of Set
30: Birthday of Aset
31: Birthday of Nebthet

1: Wep Ronpet
2: I Akhet begins
2: Feast of All Names
9: Feast of Sobek and Yinepu
11: Feasts of Ra, Khnum, and Sobek, and for Akhu
13: Feasts of Ra and Sobek
19: Feast of Sobek-Ra
20: Wag Festival
21: Feast of Djehuty
27: Feast of Shemsety (Aset)
29: (I Akhet 28) Offerings to Amun, Mut, and Khonsu of Isheru

1: Matronalia, the Festival of Women
1: Lammas (Wesir God of the Grains and Aset of the Green Earth)
2: I Akhet ends
3: II Akhet begins
5: Labour Day (public holiday)
5: Procession of Sobek to see His Mother Nit (2 days)
5: Feast of Djehuty
6: Feast of Weret-Hekau, Sobek and Djehuty
7: Opet Festival (11 days) – Amun-Ra and Mut
18: Feast of Aset
20: Mabon (Wesir-Ra, and Hestia)
20: Feast of the Eye of Heru
25: Feast of Sobek

1: II Akhet ends
2: III Akhet begins
6: Good Friday (public holiday)
8: Easter Sunday (public holiday)
9: Easter Monday (public holiday)
10: Procession of Aset
11: Feast of Amun
12: Feast of Amun, Nit and Tutu
19: The Lamentations of Aset and Nebthet in Abdju
25: Anzac Day (public holiday)

1: III Akhet ends
2: IV Akhet begins
2: Processions of Sobek, Heru and Amun (6 days)
6: Feast of Sobek
7: Feast of the Soaring Falcon (16 days)
16: Ploughing the Earth Festival/Feast of Peret
23: Feast of Closure (re Soaring Falcon)
25: Feast of Cutting the Earth (prayers/offerings at sunrise)
26: Samhain (Hekate and the Ancestors)
27: Mysteries of Wesir: Defence of Wesir From Set
28: Mysteries of Wesir: Night of Death and the Lamentations of Aset and Nebthet
29: Mysteries of Wesir: Mourning and Destroying the Ass and Serpent
30: Mysteries of Wesir: Night Vigil
31: Mysteries of Wesir: Feast of Sokar-Wesir
31: IV Akhet ends

1: I Peret begins
1: Mysteries of Wesir: Feast of Food On The Altar (Libations to Wesir)
2: Mysteries of Wesir: Raising the Djed Pillar
3: Feast of the Coronation of Wesir in the Duat and Heru-sa-Aset in Tawy (All Kings’ Day)
4: Foundation Day (public holiday)
4: Feast of the Drunkenness of the Eye of Ra
4: Saq-Sobek and Saq-Heru-sa-Aset
6: Feast of Amun
12: Answering Every Speech of Sekhmet
20: Yule (Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, and Harpocrates)
20: Return of the Distant Goddess/Navigation of Hethert
26: Establishment of the Celestial Cow and Descent of the Dove
26: Feast of Thanksgiving Offerings (3 days)
28: Saq and Oaths of Djehuty
30: I Peret ends

1: II Peret begins
6: Raising the Djed for Wesir
7: Invoking and Offering to the Akhu
8: Feast and Procession of Nit
10: Birthday of Sobek
11: Procession of Sobek
14: The Day Set Kills the Rebel
16: Aset is Awakened by Ra’s Majesty
19: Hemet’s physical birthday
21: Feast of Amun and Ptah (10 days)
28: Feast of Wesir and the Akhu
30: II Peret ends
31: III Peret begins
31: Feast of Tawy
31: Saq-Amun and Saq-Heru

1: Imbolc (Isis, Hekate Phosphorous, Mary Star of the Sea, Yemaya)
6: The Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu
8: Day of Judgement in Iunu (Akhu)
9: Procession of Djehuty
11: Saq-Wesir (Libations to Wesir)
12: Saq-Djehuty and His Spirits
13: Day of Making Health and Long Life
21: Birthday of Apep (curse and destroy Isfet)
28: Amun’s Festival of Ra Entering the Sky
29: III Peret ends
30: IV Peret begins

2: Isidis Navigium (2 days)
3: Feast of Chewing Onions for Bast
16: Birthday of Heru-sa-Aset
22: Ostara (Wesir-Ra)
22: Feast of Zep Tepi/Renewing The Year
23: Saq-Sobek and Saq-Min
25: Killing the Children of Bedesh (Protection Heka)
26: Offerings to Akhu
28: IV Peret ends
28: Feast of All Creators
29: I Shomu begins
29: Sunset Prayers and Feasts for All Names

1: Feast of Amun-Ra (4 days)
1: Queen’s Birthday (public holiday)
8: Feast of Clothing Yinepu (Yinepu/Akhu)
12: Crowning of Heka (12 days)
14: Feast of Sobek
28: I Shomu ends
29: II Shomu begins
31: Beltaine (Horned Goddess)

1: Beautiful Feast of the Valley (Amun, Mut, Khonsu, and the Akhu) (12 days)
7: Saq-Amun and Procession of Heka
12: Feast of All Names
20: Thanksgiving Festival of Amun
25: Feast of Purification
25: Procession and Offerings in Djedu (Wesir, Aset, and Heru-sa-Aset)
27: Procession of Shu to Retrieve the Udjat: Djehuty Calms Her
27: II Shomu ends
28: III Shomu begins
30: Festival of Hekate Trivia

13: Feast of Victory for Amun
15: Secret Procession of Ma’at and Ra
17: Beginning of Saturnalia
21: Feast of Hethert, Eye of Ra (Day of the Eye’s Escape)
21: Litha (Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, Aset, and Hestia)
25: Christmas Day (public holiday)
26: Boxing Day (public holiday)
26: Feast of Amun-Ra, King of the Gods
27: III Shomu ends
27: Burning the Widow’s Flame (Aset)
28: IV Shomu begins
30: Aset Webenut (Aset Luminous)
31: New Year’s Eve


Calculating the Moons (for anyone who cares to read this far):
Blessing Sun Moon (Wesir and His Akhu)
New Moon (Wesir, Sokar, Iah, Djehuty, Khonsu, Heru-sa-Aset)
Lammas (Wesir God of the Grains and Aset of the Green Earth)
Corn Moon – First after Lammas (Wesir)
New moon (Akhu and Ptah-Sokar-Wesir)
Seed Moon (Khonsu)
New Moon (Khonsu)
Mabon (Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, Aset, and Hestia)
Harvest Moon – First after Mabon (Wesir)
New Moon (Khonsu)
Samhain (Hekate and the Ancestors)
Blood Moon – First after Samhain (Tawy and All Names)
New Moon (Wesir)
Mourning Moon (Sokar-Wesir)
New Moon (Sokar)
Yule (Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, Harpocrates, and Hestia)
Long Nights Moon – First after Yule (Heru-sa-Aset)
New Moon (Sokar-Wesir-Unnefer)
Imbolc (Isis, Hekate Phosphorous, Mary Star of the Sea, Yemaya)
Cold Moon – First after Imbolc (Wesir, son of Nut)
New Moon (Akhu and Gods)
Ostara (Wesir-Ra and Hestia)
Storm Moon – First after Ostara (Heru-sa-Aset)
New Moon (Ra/Wesir-Ra)
Wind Moon – right before Beltaine (Hethert and Ihy)
Beltaine (The Horned Goddess)
New Moon (Wesir and Khonsu)
Flower Moon (Heru)
New Moon (Heru-sa-Aset)
Litha (Sobek, Heru-sa-Aset, Aset, and Hestia)
Strong Sun Moon – First after Litha
New Moon (Heru-sa-Aset)

It’s not the traditional order, either. I switched it round and renamed a couple so it fit my seasons properly. And the Sabbats are in there, if only to make it clearer (to me anyway) as to where each moon falls with regards to the seasons/Sabbats. The Gods associated with the moons are also from the Kemetic Orthodox calendar. I like it because it gives me a focus for each one. I might not do proper Esbat rites, but it’s a focus nonetheless.

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