Lord of the Carnelian Temple is now published!

After almost a year of hard work, and some wonderful amazing contributors, we have finally got the Sobek Devotional published! <3

It is now available to purchase here: https://neosalexandria.org/bibliotheca-alexandrina/current-titles/devotionals/lord-of-the-carnelian-temple-a-devotional-in-honor-of-sobek/

Please go and support this amazing book, and see what a wonderful devotional we’ve created for Sobek. <3

Share this far and wide, and spread this to any Sobek devotees you know. <3

Dua Sobek! Nekhtet! 😀

4 thoughts on “Lord of the Carnelian Temple is now published!

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    Congrats to Sobekemiti, and thank you for all your hard work! I contributed a handful of poems to the devotional, and would encourage everyone to buy a copy 🙂 It explores a lot of different aspects of Sobek (as well as a bit of Sobek-Ra!), and it was a joy to read – you can really feel all the love and wonder of Sobek’s devotees feel for Him.

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    Hey everybody, I’m alive. I’m good. I wonder what the astrology is like right now, because the last 6 month has been some intense transformation in all areas of my life. Anyway trying to get back on the horse here! BA has several new devotionals out, but I’m most excited about the devotional to Sobek! Planning on ordering it next month! Check it out!

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