Libations for Reza

Libations for Reza Berati
Incense and flame for a young asylum seeker who died on Manus Island last week. Aset and Nebthet watch over the rite.

I don’t really like writing about politics here on this blog, because I don’t usually feel it’s appropriate, but you’ll have to bear with me for once, because this is important to me to post about.

I don’t know how many of my readers are aware of the way Australia – my country – treats asylum seekers, but it’s pretty fucking appalling. The recent riots on Manus Island, part of Papua New Guinea where Australia has an offshore processing centre, have resulted in protests tonight, organised by GetUp!. It’s a candlelight vigil for the man killed during those riots, Reza Beruti, and, for me, all the others who have died on our watch, in our care. (Check the twitter hashtag #lightthedark.)

I almost went to the Perth rally tonight, but I’ve been around people for the past three days at the Perth Writers Festival, and just didn’t have the spoons for one final event. But I did pray tonight. I went to shrine, I lit candles and incense, and I prayed my 6th day festival prayers, prayers to Wesir and the ancestors, changed for this specific purpose. I think I cried almost the whole way through it, which made it difficult to say the prayers, but it was what I felt I could do. It might not be much, but I couldn’t do nothing.

I poured out the water onto Woden’s shrine. It’s hard walking down the side of the house at night, as there’s little light except what comes from my bedroom window, and the mulch hurts my feet. I grazed an ankle coming out. But I feel I’ve done my bit, small though it is.

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