Lady of Praise, Lady of Power

Hey, it’s out! Woo! Imma pick one up once I get paid next week. If you’re also interested in an Aset hymnal, get yerself a copy. 😀

4 thoughts on “Lady of Praise, Lady of Power

    1. It’s the least I can do, you’ve put in all the hard yards on this project. Congrats! 😀 I can’t wait to pick up a copy. Seems it’s come at just the right time, when I’ve started working with Isis again.

  1. Oooh, very exciting! I must get one for myself – I have felt the need to find beautiful hymns for Aset, and given the exceptionally awesome quality of the Fiercely Bright One website, this fits the bill perfectly. 🙂

    Aset helped me out so much yesterday with work crap, and buying this seems like the perfect “thank you” to Her. And I just got paid, so…I know where $20 is going! 😀

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